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Even though it is only January, it is never too early to start thinking about how to be trendy this summer. We are a few months away from wearing dresses, sandals, and sunglasses, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t plan the outfits based on the fashion trends that the designers plan for us. We are sure you will find something that you will love. 

Take a peek into the trends that can be seen on the runways around the world and incorporate into your style everything that will complement the way you look and help you accentuate your virtues and make your physique look as appealing as possible. Fashion is a great playground where we can take a little something from everything and create a unique mix that will help us stand out from the crowd.

The bra may just be the next IT thing

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Fashion designers love putting a huge accent on the items that are not typically meant for show. The last year was all about the underwear. Every year fashion designers push the limits and go a little further in changing outfits, laying out your ground rules and give us ideas on how to make our style even better. 

Sometimes they simply implement new things to provoke a reaction from the audience, so they can be in the center of attention. If the predictions are right, this year will be about showing your bra. However, if you are not thrilled about this, keep reading to find out more about the new trends that you may find more appealing.

Puffed sleeves

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Now and then puffed sleeves show up on runways around the world and this year they will make a huge comeback. Even though puffy sleeves were a little bit weird and all of us avoided wearing them, fashion designers such as Carolina Herrera are making it a new “must-have” thing. If such a powerful and elegant woman chooses puffed sleeves as the next trendy thing, we must oblige. She is a great fashion designer and we will need to trust her on this – puffed sleeves will be around at least this summer. 

The new fashionable items are romantic, attractive, and very wearable. Find the perfect item, pair it up with some nice accessories, great jeans and you will be ready for a romantic date or dinner with friends. The great thing about the new pieces is that the sleeves are not overly accentuated, but just discreetly showing, making it an interesting detail. 

Polka dots

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Spring/summer collections for this year are dominated by polka dots and it’s absolutely lovely. There are dresses, T-shirts, shirts, underwear – anything you can think of and in all the colors. It has never been easier to be feminine by simply putting one of the numerous beautiful dresses. Be courageous and experiment with various colors and designs, so you can steal away all the attention whenever you go. 

If you’re not sure about this new trend, and you’d never been a fan of polka dots, you can start slowly by using a small item and then find your way up to wearing a more eye-catching piece of wardrobe, such as a red dress with white dots on them. This is a bold item that will say to the world that you want to be noticed! If you are interested in cool items, visit

Flapper dress

According to the flapper dress is a perfect way to shine. It is great for occasions like parties when you want to go dancing or any other occasion that requires wearing something shiny and attractive. Paired with a clutch bag, nice sandals with high heels, some cool, sexy earrings it will be the talk of the town (or Instagram) when everyone sees the way you look. 


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Don’t even think about going out without the perfect accessories. Collar necklaces, hoop earrings, and chunky chains will surely help you spice up your look.

Puravida Bracelets, watches, necklaces – you name it, the shinier the better! Choose the accessories that will help you be noticed, but also to look nice, sophisticated, and trendy.Choose the accessories that will help you be noticed, but also to look nice, sophisticated, and trendy.

Wrapped ankles

Reportedly, this summer will be all about wearing strappy sandals and the straps can be tied around trousers or on bare ankles. It’s all about pushing boundaries and why not push this one too? Well, this one is easy – simply take them, put them on and start the catwalk. You will feel like those models that wear high couture! 

It seems that square toe strappy sandals will be making a splash this season. The flattering design makes the legs look longer, making your silhouette more appealing, so any outfit you wear will look amazing. Even though these are meant to be worn during summer, if you simply can’t wait to wear them, you can put on some socks and take a stroll on the street. They’re so good and sexy, that they should be worn at any given time. If you’re not in the mood for experimenting, then wait for the warm days and choose some of the classic colors like black, brown or white.

Power prints

For this summer, fashion designers have prepared dresses with huge floral prints that burst with energy and attract attention no matter where they are. Why not try out one of these and see if this is the style you feel good in. Marc Jacobs is one of the fashion designers that is promoting this type of trend and considering how successful he was so far, we can trust that he knows what he’s doing. 

While we explore various trends, we keep our fingers crossed that time will fly by and the summer will come fast so we can try out all these cool new trends that we mentioned. Don’t forget to have fun, experiment, and find the perfect combination of items that will help you look and feel your best. Fashion should be at our service and not the other way around.