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Earning money for a living as a YouTube influencer has been a profession of choice of numerous young exhibitionists from all over the world. Since this is a characteristic occupation of younger generations, actually generations born in the nineties, their audience essentially consists of underage viewers and older adolescents. YouTube is a place where everybody has a chance to become famous, therefore, famous Youtubers have proven that they are interesting to watch and that is one of the requirements to be a part of the following list. Another condition that must be met in order to be enlisted in the lines below is that they have been banned from the most famous platform designed for video sharing.

YouTube seems to be operating in a transparent way, at least when its users are in question. Namely, before you come to the point where you face a ban from this platform, you need to receive two warnings, while the third one should mean automatic banishing from the site. So, if you are eager to neglect the warnings and continue to break the rules, you will get banned from YouTube, whether you are famous or not.

1. The Racist Girl

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Although the “three warnings rule” is still actual, certain individuals earn their ban much more rapidly than the others. Namely, the infamous Evalion, a YouTuber from Canada, was banned after another prominent YouTuber dissed her in a video calling her the most racist girl in the universe. Although fairly popular, what Avalon did was opposing not only the terms and conditions imposed by YouTube but also common sense. Namely, she glorified Hitler in her videos, while chanting birthday songs for this Nazi leader over swastika cupcakes.

She also taught lessons about how to recognize members of the Jewish community and promoted white supremacy. The even sadder part of the story is that she had something to say in her defense, but even then, she continued acting in the same fashion. Apart from stating that she considered the subject of dispute as funny, she emphasized her viewpoint that the races should not mix. Disturbingly enough, she had about forty thousand followers before she was kicked out of YouTube.

2. Shady Party Animal

David’s Farm was the name of the channel you can now find on YouTube only as a re-upload of other users. The man behind this channel managed to present his viewers with a mixture of crazy stunts and redneck behavior. Apart from that, he was a registered sex offender who committed sexual assaults and had various issues related to child pornography.

He even stated he was cured of pedophilia in an interview. But those were not the things that removed this entity from YouTube. Actually, nudity is, which he promoted and presented in his videos. He could not keep his face out of the headlines, so the last time he was mentioned by the press was in 2016 when he was sentenced for possession of children pornographic materials. His popularity was enormous, considering he had more than ninety thousand followers at his prime.

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3. Belle Delphine

This famous YouTuber was violating the YouTube rules so much that she got kicked out of the platform immediately, without previous warnings, so the three monitions rule does not apply to everyone. Delphine was cast out because of the extreme nudity she demonstrated and encouraged when performing on her YouTube channel. Honestly, that was the whole point, but she managed to bring things to another level of deviant.

Namely, she used to sell the water from her bathing sessions, which have surely contributed to her ban from the platform. Although her channel was mostly about sexual content, she also used humor to lure more subscribers to her channel. Interestingly enough, she was also banned from Instagram, so her YouTube block is not her only accreditation to mischievous behavior.

4. Durv

Now we’re talking numbers. Namely, although this young British fellow organized false giveaways and used other restricted means of promoting and supporting materials, he has acquired a number of almost a million and a half subscribers and his videos were watched even more than a hundred million times. The ridiculous fact is that he was not kicked out because of clickbait and other false promotions he advocated, but because he had certain violence-encouraging materials in his videos.

He even tried bypassing the rules by renaming his younger brother’s account to his name, but informing YouTube that he does not lay claim to the profile. Moreover, his brother remained in charge of the profile while Durv uploaded the materials. Regardless of this attempt, he never managed to reclaim his old profile nor his former popularity.

5. Gold Glove Issues

Another globally popular YouTuber who experienced various issues with his channel is Brendon O’Neil, who made a name for himself by playing games and reached superior status among gamers who stream their gameplay. His subscribers have enabled him to have more than three hundred million views on his profile and the number only grows as the days go by. What is especially interesting about this Youtuber is that his channel was in danger several times, but was restored eventually so his faithful followers could stop worrying. Interestingly enough, even his girlfriend has reported him for unknown reasons, probably because of their personal issues. He tweeted about her evil intentions and called her various names, but in the end, he managed to save his channel, sadly not the girl.

Hopefully, this will make you learn from other people’s mistakes instead of having to repeat them on your own. So, make sure you respect YouTube restrictions in order not to experience penalties. There are numerous ways to attract the attention of others, and, although certain techniques can get you tons of subscribers in a short time, they might prove bad for your channel in a long run.