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When we talk about the theme of the game referring to gambling, one of the recurring themes, capable of triggering a heated debate, mainly concerns a question. The question is to establish the difference between games of chance, casual, where the skills of the player or player, if you prefer, are reduced to the bone, while for games of skill acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities, can make the difference.

On the internet you can find many websites like 888 ladies for example that offer bingo games to the players, the bingo is a very traditional game,  it is out aim in this article clarify the difference between a chance game and a skill game.

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1. Bingo, a story that dates back to 1530

Bingo is a game that originated in Italy. It was the year 1530 and within the Italian borders that game was developed that was called “del Lotto”, in which the extraction of a series of numbers that could lead or not to victory was foreseen. Well, after about two hundred years, in Naples, a very particular version of the lottery was born, which was immediately renamed tombola.

The bingo of those times is nothing more than the current bingo: there are ninety numbers that are drawn and shouted by the figure who is called the beater. Each participant manages their own folder and, once, the various numbers were covered with the different household items, including lentils, buttons, beans or tangerine peels. Bingo has the same rules that characterize bingo and its name derives from a bean: it was the early 1900s when a New York seller made the decision to offer the game of bingo on the market, which was already spread in an important way in many country festivals in the USA.

Bingo derives exactly from “beano”, or “bean”, bean in English, exactly what was used for covering the numbers drawn. The “beano” was also the term that was shouted loudly when the entire folder was covered. From “beano” the name of the game became bingo only for a mere commercial question.

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2. Bingo, a game that is widespread all over the world

Bingo, nowadays, has become a popular and sought-after game all over the world. In real stars and stripes casinos it is one of the most popular gambling titles of all time, but it is at village parties that it manages to enhance its character of conviviality more and more. Playing bingo is a passion that spreads fun everywhere, as it involves children, adults and the elderly.

It is also interesting to note some very ancient versions around the world. For example, the game of keno was born in China about 3000 years and has many characteristics in common with bingo: in this case the focus is on the extraction of about twenty numbers, waiting for them to be drawn. A game that has become so famous and popular that legend has it that it was used to raise the financial funds for the construction of the Great Wall. In Great Britain, on the other hand, a very special version was born, in which there is no money at stake, but real prizes.

It is a question of shedding light on a controversial issue and a certain social danger for which it is always important to obtain information in a balanced manner with the help of data supported by facts. Let’s take as an example one of the most popular and widespread games of skill, which has played a central role within the context of online gambling and the physical gaming circuit, over the past five years.

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3. Games of Luck and Games of skills

We have basically 2 kind of gambling games: the ones based on luck and the ones based on skills. Obviously also the gambling game based on skills is strongly influenced by luck, but the distinction consists in the fact that the player’s skills influence the game.

As far as slot machines are concerned, however, from a scientific point of view the game is independent of the player because it is totally determined by luck or chance. The video slots basics are basically defined by the calculation of the probabilities and by the algorithm that implements the game software. This is for where you can find the classic slots which are the typical example of game of luck. Within the games of luck there is no possibility for you to exercise real control. You can increase your odds of winning by making more spins, buying several tickets, or betting on combinations of numbers, and only slightly, but you have no way of influencing the single spin.

Consequently, speaking of “systems” that guarantee victory means deluding oneself of being able to exercise control, an idea that is the result of irrational beliefs. We can therefore say that with regard to Blackjack, even without counting cards, there is a predetermined strategy that you can use, knowing when to ask for additional cards, knowing when to hold, when to double down, using only the information in front of you. Since we are not competing against other players, but usually in most rooms, digital and otherwise, we only play against the dealer, this makes 21 a theoretically less skill based game than poker.

However, we must understand how, even among card games, there is not only poker, but a wide range of games that are played with decks of cards, first of all the French ones. However, blackjack requires a certain familiarity and good skill in order to reduce as much as possible our losses against the dealer, and therefore against the gambling hall.

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4. Bad Luck

When we don’t protect ourselves enough from simple bad luck if the nominal answer ends up being defeated by the luck of the tie (busting when there are only 4 card values ​​that may have pushed you over the top, for example). With a player using an advanced optimal strategy (where percentages are played, splits and doubles are always taken, insurance is never taken and you remain disciplined i.e. you do not stray from strategy), the house advantage is 0 , 5%, which is basically meaningless, whether you make a profit or not depends on the luck of the shoe and not much else.

Many people play games of skill in a casino to get the most fun and to win. However, it is important to understand a fundamental aspect: no game is that simple, precautions are required to win, especially if we play for real money, rather than in demo mode. The same type of principle, as you may have noticed, also applies to the sports betting circuit, where there is a considerable difference and distance, between when you really bet and when instead for simple fun you say how a result will end, getting the prediction right.