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Online gambling has a very rich past. The first licenses for online casinos were given back in 1994 by Antigua and Barbuda, small islands in the Caribbean. This was made possible after the Government adopted the Free Trade Act and this made a step that seemed insignificant at the time, and today represents a visionary step into the future. After that, in the same year, many other online casinos were established. When internet dial-up connections from the early days were upgraded to cable, DSL, and much faster connection methods, the online gambling industry kept pace.

By 1998, the entire global online gambling industry had earnings of $ 834 million a year, and soon after that annual earnings exceeded $1 billion and have continued to grow to this day. Although the industry is much younger, smaller, and newer compared to land casinos, online gambling became a billionaire industry in the late 90s. Over the next decade, betting became a multi-billionaire industry, and in recent years has experienced global expansion, reaching new markets and bringing players from all over the world to the doors of casinos.

1. Famous Finnish Poker Players

Speaking of tradition and looking at the facts in history, we can mention one interesting fact about Scandinavia, regarding Finland. From the 1980s or 1990s, you won’t find any famous Finnish poker players but in just a decade the Finns have become some of the winningest, and most feared, poker players in the world. One of the pioneers in this is for sure former Tennis Pro Patrik Antonius, who is mentioned in every conversation when it comes to the best poker player in the world.  Of course, he is also responsible for developing, bringing closer the growing number of online casinos in Finland that you can find here:

In addition to this Finnish player, we will mention some others such as Sami Kelopuro, Juha Helppi, and Ilari Sahamies, before we continue with the facts about online bookmaking.

After some interesting facts about the history of betting, we will move on to the present time and interesting facts that are worth mentioning.

2. The recent growth of online gambling

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Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about online gambling, it is a $45 billion a year industry, and it’s growing at 11% per year.

If we take into account the last decade, the world of online gambling has expanded rapidly.  This industry was worth 41.78 billion in the recent past, more precisely until 2016, and the latest statistics and estimates show that by the end of 2024 it would reach a record 80 billion. And as we write the facts about online gambling, it is essential to mention that 11% of the total turnover of money on the internet, comes from online casino players. So many countries in the world record up to a 300 percent increase in turnover in this sector.

3. Most online casinos are safe

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The next important fact that interests every potential user on the internet is to be secure. Most people who prefer online casinos or online shopping put the security of their data in the first place. So today we can say that for the user is certainly at the forefront when it comes to online betting. One study even showed that people today prefer online games more than traditional ones. Even these business owners themselves are afraid of losing their customers, so they do everything to protect and make online gambling as safe as possible.

4. Gambling as a form of entertainment

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Today, online gambling is the perfect form of entertainment available to everyone.

Gambling, whether remote or non-remote has never been seen as such a genuine form of entertainment. This is heavily down to the strong emotional connection between the player and the game. You can’t interact with traditional forms of entertainment – for example, you can’t dictate the plotline of a movie or a piece of music. But when it comes to online gambling things are quite different, users can place wagers on genuine interests and create their narrative.

The game itself and the experience are based on the decisions, experience, and talent of the players. Also, online gambling attracts a wide range of ages, so today we have players from older to younger ones who can put their bets from the comfort of home with the help of modern technology.

Another interesting comparison of traditional gambling with online gambling, it is almost impossible to put them next to each other except that they have a common business object. The biggest advantage is saving your own time. Just imagine how much free time you need to decide, save, travel, arrive and register until the very beginning of gambling. So the departure itself can take up to several hours. It sounds ridiculous and insane to do all this when you have the option to access online gambling in less than a minute, as long as it takes to run a game. As a result, you can save a lot of time by choosing an online alternative and investing time smarter or even extending your online gaming session.

5. Much bigger bonuses and promotions

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If you visit a nearby casino, you will eventually get a free drink or similar but it is never worth much, and in most cases, you will not get any of the above. However it all makes sense, the casino does not need to spend extra money to attract you because they have already fulfilled it, you have come to them.

In contrast, online gambling sites are always competing to attract new players, even competing to offer a higher first deposit bonus, more free spins, and even cash just for you to choose. And as players, you can have a great benefit from it just because you decided to play at a legit online casino instead of the local one.

6. Greater game selection

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Another great advantage of online gaming is the choice of games. While you can find a large number of games in traditional casinos, it is an incomparably smaller number than online. On online games, you can not only find familiar versions of roulette and blackjack but many other games of different variations and themes. It allows you to find everything in one place, from the latest games and options to the good old ones.

At the end of the text, we will add a myth that is not known to everyone. Most of the population has the opinion that game organizers are able to manipulate bets so that they make money. This is one of the biggest myths in this industry. So there is no reason to worry if you use verified sites for online gambling.

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Enjoy your time playing games online!