The demand for yellow diamonds is currently greater than any other colored diamonds. They have evolved into one of the ten years’ most adaptable fashion trends. Celebrities flashing their Yellow Diamond jewelry is one of the essential trendsetters since it increases their fame quickly. Furthermore, people are more interested in them because of their exceptional rarity and distinctive qualities.

There are many inquiries about the yellow stones because of their rising fame. Here are some facts regarding canary diamonds.

What Are Canary Yellow Diamonds?


Canary diamonds are stones with clear yellow body color. Small amounts of nitrogen in the diamond’s crystal structure typically contribute to the yellow hue.

The most expensive yellow gemstone in the world is rich, pure canary diamonds. Because of their remarkable shine, fire, and brightness, they are frequently regarded as the most stunning yellow gem.

Brown is the most prevalent fancy diamond hue, with yellow coming in second. There are numerous diamond resources worldwide where canary diamonds can be discovered. They are not exclusive to a particular region or mine.

1. One in 10000 Diamonds

Every 10,000 nearly colorless diamonds that are mined, only one naturally fancy color diamond will be found. The most common natural colored diamonds mined are canary diamonds, which account for roughly 60% of all fancy color diamonds. Other natural colored diamonds include blue, orange, pink, and red.

Diamonds with red or pink hues are the most expensive. Only 20 to 30 genuine red diamonds have been found in the entire globe. On the other hand, when compared to white diamonds, naturally fancy canary diamonds are still exceedingly rare. Visit to buy diamond engagement rings.

2. Made Of Nitrogen

Different colored diamonds are created due to the composition of the rocks and soil at various mines worldwide. When carbon atoms interact with trace elements during the production of the diamond, fancy-color diamonds are produced naturally. The consequence is a deformation of the typical diamond crystal, which can alter the diamond’s hue.

The yellow hue of fancy canary diamonds is thought to be a result of nitrogen being present. They are yellow because nitrogen absorbs pigment. The amount of nitrogen present affects the yellow’s intensity.

3. Different Shades of Yellow


Due to their intense, bright yellow color, fancy canary diamonds are occasionally referred to as canary diamonds. However, not all naturally occurring canary diamonds have such intense yellow color. A fancy yellow diamond has numerous facets, and each one is distinctive in both appearance and composition.

Depending on the tone and saturation, the color of a yellow diamond can appear in a variety of ways, from orangish-yellow to brownish-yellow to greenish-yellow and more. Only the most intense and vibrant yellow diamonds are granted the label “Fancy Yellow.” The most expensive and highly sought-after canary diamonds are those that are rated as Fancy Yellow.

4. Color is Important

Fancy canary diamonds are praised for their rich, deep color, whereas white or colorless diamonds are valued for their brilliant glitter. The four C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat) are not equally significant in determining the value of a regular diamond vs. a canary diamond, despite the fact that each type of diamond has distinctive qualities that make them distinct.

Fancy-colored diamonds are valued according to the intensity of their color, unlike white diamonds, which are valued according to their lack of color and high clarity grade. The most crucial aspect to take into account when buying a magnificent canary diamond is its color: the more intense and vibrant the hue, the more expensive the diamond.

5. South Africa Is The Biggest Producer

Although there are canary diamonds all around the world, South Africa is where the majority of the bright canary diamonds are located. In actuality, before they were found in the nation in the late 1860s, canary diamonds were hardly ever seen. Before being crafted into stunning jewelry pieces, Shimansky’s natural fancy canary diamonds—all of which are GIA certified—are meticulously hand-selected directly from the South African Kimberley and West Coast regions.

6. Great Investment


Since their prices have increased significantly over time, some canary diamonds are great investments. Demand is greater than supply due to its rising popularity, which increases its worth. Due to their widespread use, yellow diamonds are also quite simple to liquidate. And unlike popular, largely unproven investments in cryptocurrencies, you can see, feel, and even wear yellow diamonds in the form of stunning rings, pendants, bracelets, and other jewelry.

7. Affordable

Canary diamonds can be relatively reasonable and cost less than a colorless diamond of the same quality, despite the fact that colored diamonds can be rather pricey due to their rarity. A diamond with a lighter yellow coloration, such as Fancy Yellow, will be less expensive than a colorless diamond of the same quality because the bottom yellow diamonds are also the bottom colorless diamonds. Despite this, fancy intense yellow or fancy vivid canary diamonds are more expensive than colorless diamonds.

8. Easily Available

In the past, only kings, queens, and the wealthiest individuals in a community would collect the finest colored diamonds because they were such a rare find. However, as time passed, particularly with the growing usage of the Internet, a number of sellers began to offer similar products to the general public.

Due to the higher demand for white items, brick-and-mortar diamond and jewelry stores typically only keep one or two in stock. Your greatest option for a large selection is an internet retailer; just make sure you request a third-party diamond grading report to confirm it is a genuine diamond.


An engagement ring featuring a canary diamond is stunning. Depending on the color intensity, it might be reasonably priced. It’s an attractive option for people looking for something unique that won’t break the wallet.

When used in jewelry designs, canary diamonds appear stunning. Although this beautiful stone has numerous advantages, it must be chosen carefully and thoughtfully, just like any diamond. Making an informed purchase will be simpler once you’ve done your homework on the stone, asked the right questions, and gotten the proper answers. Just make sure that the GIA has properly certified your canary diamond.