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To make a ton of money selling video games, you need a few things. Firstly, you need good graphics, because no-one’s going to buy your amazing game if the gameplay resembles something that the Commodore wouldn’t touch. Secondly, it needs a decent title, because it needs to pump the potential buyer up when they’re looking at it in the store. Thirdly, you need decent box art. Unfortunately, a lot of games fail on this last thing. Games like…

Fester’s Quest

fest quest

OK, so this is apparently meant to be Uncle Fester. Do you know? The one who starred in The Addams Family and was a transvestite who walked around wearing lipstick and designer fur coats? Wait, you don’t know that one? That’s because this never happened. Why these artists thought this was the case though is beyond all comprehension to us. The only possible reason we can suggest is that they might some have kind of issues with their moms or perhaps they accidentally walked in on their dads wearing women’s clothing, and this is how the psychiatrist recommended they work through that horrifying ordeal. So how do we rid ourselves of the horrifying ordeal of seeing this?

Donkey Kong

donkey kong1

We played a lot of Donkey Kong when it was first released. We know all the secrets of the game, and have such an understanding that we could probably beat the damned thing in our sleep whilst being hoisted upside down from a crane. However, we don’t know when any of this stuff happened. For instance, none of us can recall Mario looking like a suave actor from an Italian soap opera or being called ‘Jimmy’, as his armband would suggest or somehow getting his greasy mitts on the hammer of Thor. Likewise, we don’t know when Donkey Kong was so… what’s that word we’re looking for… goddamned racist? Seriously, this is sort of shit that ACLU should have been protesting back in the day rather than The Jetsons being an example of Robo-ism.

Donkey Kong

donkey kong

Gah! How many covers did this game have? There must be more versions of this game than there were barrels being thrown at you during it, that is to say, a lot. The best question though is how this cover manages not to be so obviously racist as the other one, but still manage to suck so spectacularly hard? Why is Popeye attacking what appears to be a cross between a gorilla and the equally massive Slowpoke from Pokemon? Why are those bananas bigger than Mario’s head? And why does Princess Peach look like an elderly version of Marilyn Monroe who has been dipped in a vat of red paint?



Well, if we can’t give the game any points for not being as creepy as shit, then we guess we have to award it something for being succinct with the title. This game sure as hell has something to do with clowns, no question about it. Particularly these clowns, who all look like they’d take great pleasure in gutting you like a fish. At least we have some idea of where Stephen King got his inspiration for the character of IT now. It wasn’t some screwed up trauma manifesting itself as a hatred of clowns; it was probably having to play this goddamn game at some point or having accidentally seen it whilst walking around Walmart as a college kid.

Whatever The Goddamn Hell This Game Is

the goddamn hell

No, we’re pretty sure this isn’t the hotly anticipated cover from Nintendo’s forthcoming video game adaption of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Although if it was, it would answer all of the questions swirling around in our heads at the moment. For instance, why are those kids on the moon when they clearly aren’t old enough to have gone through astronaut training? Nah, only kidding. Our actual question is: why in the mother of God is there a man without skin teaching children about goddamn astronomy whilst sitting on the goddamn surface of the goddamn moon? Duh. What else could it be?