Fat-dissolving solutions are used in cosmetology to help people get rid of unnecessary fat deposits in certain body areas. Such services can also be found as a lipolytic treatment that is based on face injections of special solutions that eliminate fat cells.

When choosing a fat dissolver, it’s necessary to be aware of the characteristics and contraindications of the solution. It’s also important to realize that the lipolytic treatment doesn’t contribute to general weight loss — it just helps to solve general appearance issues related to fat deposits.

Kabelline fat dissolver is one of the safest and most effective solutions for lipolytic treatment. Learn about the peculiarities of the solution and consult with your specialist for more details on its usage in your specific case.

Is Kabelline Dissolver Safe?


In general, treatment with Kabelline fat dissolve solution is a simple and safe cosmetic procedure that isn’t supposed to harm either one’s appearance nor general health conditions. A Kabelline injection doesn’t damage one’s skin and doesn’t cause any inflammations if used properly by a qualified cosmetology specialist.

The chemical content of the Kabelline fat dissolver is also completely safe for the vast majority of people who face unnecessary fat deposits. This solution is based on Deoxycholic Acid. This is naturally produced as a side product of the organic metabolism process and doesn’t harm the human body if the doses don’t exceed natural ones.

Except for Deoxycholic Acid, the Kabelline fat dissolve solution also contains components that facilitate the process of lipolysis. The endpoint of this process is the reduction of fat cells by dissolving them into natural glycerin and lipids.

How is Kabelline Injection Used?

The most important requirement is that the use of Kabelline injection must be prescribed by a qualified specialist in cosmetology. The same rule can be applied to the actual process of the injection.

As for the recommended areas for use, consider that the Kabelline solution is efficient regardless of the injected areas. Most commonly, it’s used to dissolve fat cells in the face area, but with its help, one can also get rid of fat deposits on the back, chin, love handles, thighs, and hips. It can also be efficiently used to minimize or eliminate the impact of cellulitis completely.

6 Key Benefits of Kabelline Fat Dissolver

  1. It helps to dissolve the exceeding amount of fat cells, which reduces the cellulite appearance. This happens due to the fact that cellulite appears due to the accumulation of extreme volumes of fat cells pushing up against the skin. If this accumulation will be prevented, the skin surface will become smooth and tender again!
  2. The procedure of the Kabelline injection doesn’t require the patient to take any special preparations in advance. If performed correctly, the injection is painless, as the solution doesn’t contain any components that can hurt the skin and cause inflammation.
  3. Except for fat dissolving, the Kabelline injection has other positive side effects, such as the stimulation of skin lifting. This becomes possible thanks to the facilitated production of collagen and the accelerated process of skin hydration.
  4. The Kabelline injection is a well-established and safe cosmological treatment that doesn’t cause such side effects as skin redness or swelling. No bruises or scratches will be left on your skin after the procedure if it’s performed by a professional and in proper condition!
  5. The product doesn’t help to lose actual weight but it makes a great contribution to the contouring of body features. This might create a positive visual effect similar to what one would experience from weight loss.
  6. The Kabelline fat-dissolving solution is produced by a well-established manufacturer from Korea. Its active component meets all the quality and health safety requirements, which is why it’s approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Does Kabelline Have Any Disadvantages?

For some fat-dissolving products, it’s common to cause treatment-related side effects such as swelling, bruising, redness, nausea, headaches, and itching. Whilst these side effects are excluded for Kabelline users, there are some pitfalls of the procedure that can occur due to specific peculiarities of the treatment. This includes:

  • Slight swelling that, as a rule, will not last longer than a day or two after a treatment session.
  • Slight hardness in the targeted area, which, similar to swelling, isn’t supposed to be severe and, generally, greatly depends on the type and hardness of one’s skin.
  • Slight numbness is rather a non-common symptom that might occur due to multiple injections in several areas and higher than the average dose for a single treatment.

The biggest benefit is that these side effects occur, they won’t be severe and won’t last long.

Whom do We Recommend to Use Kabelline Fat Dissolver?


It’s important to specify that not all people are eligible for the use of the Kabelline fat-dissolving solution. The product has contraindications and they relate to people who:

  • recently had surgeries or other procedures on the body areas that are now going to be targeted by the fat-dissolving solution;
  • have allergic reactions to Deoxycholic acids or other components of the product;
  • have infections or skin inflammations on skin areas that are being targeted for the fat-dissolving procedure;
  • pregnant women.

Thus, if you don’t suit any of the listed-above categories, you can consider taking this procedure if you want to:

  • reduce fat deposits by dissolving fat cells;
  • enhance certain visual features or particular areas of your body;
  • take a quick injection that with safe and efficient effects;
  • reduce the level of body fat without working out, taking surgeries, or other procedures that might involve any physical issues.

How Can it be Used, and When Will I See the Effects?

The term necessary to see actual visual effects might be quite individual due to specific peculiarities of your body and skin.

However, as a rule, optimal results become visible after a treatment of 6 sessions, with 1 week apart.

Also, consider that a single Kabelline injection should administer more than 2 ml of the solution at once. For the entire body, the recommended volume of the solution is up to 8 ml, whilst no more than 16 ml can be used altogether.