Are you among the many who suffer from loud, intrusive noises in your home or office? Let us show you how to build DIY soundproofing curtains with cost-effective solutions that can reduce unwanted noise. You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy some peace and quiet.

How to install soundproofing curtains


Installing soundproofing curtains can be a cost-effective way to reduce noise in your home. These curtains are designed to absorb sound waves before they reach the walls, and they’re typically made of thick, heavy fabrics that create a barrier between you and any sounds coming from outside. There are also some specialized curtains designed to address specific noise issues such as traffic or someone playing music next door.

When it comes to installation, all you need is a few simple tools and a steady hand. Here’s how:

  1. Measure the size of your window so you know how many curtains you need and what size they should be. If it’s an odd size or shape, take measurements from both sides so you can adjust the panels accordingly. (You may need to use special brackets or mounting hardware for large windows).
  2. Hang your curtain rods at least 6 inches above your window frames for optimal soundproofing, then determine if there is adequate clearance around each side of the windowsill when the curtain rod is installed — leaving some gaps will help block more sound waves with less fabric coverage.
  3. Now the fun part — measuring and cutting the fabric! Once these measurements have been taken, double check them against your windowsill measurements; if everything looks good then cut along each length indicated on your pattern template before sewing together any seam allowances using extra-strong threads meant for heavy fabrics like velvet or velour — this will add extra noise reduction by eliminating potential weak points in the fabric covering where sound could come through.
  4. Install your curtains on their respective rods by either looping through brackets (for oval/circle rods) or gliding onto pinstripe pockets (for rectangles/squares). Note that thicker fabrics require stronger hooks/clips for holding them up securely against their respective rails. Always make sure additional support is given when necessary – no one wants a sagging curtain!

The cost of soundproofing curtains


Soundproof curtains are an affordable and effective solution for reducing noise levels in any room. These curtains are made with special materials that absorb sound waves, preventing them from traveling through windows and walls. While the cost of soundproofing curtains can vary depending on the size and quality of the curtains, they are generally less expensive than other soundproofing methods such as installing acoustic panels or replacing windows with double-pane glass.

The cost of soundproofing curtains can range from $50 to $200 per panel, with higher-end curtains costing even more. However, it’s important to note that the number of panels required will depend on the size of the window and the desired level of soundproofing. For larger windows, multiple panels may be necessary, adding to the overall cost.


When shopping around, make sure that you take into account the weight and thickness of the fabric, as well as the strength of the seams. Also consider the fabric’s sound absorption capacity, which is what contributes most to soundproofing. With proper care and regular maintenance, your curtains should last for many years.