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Nowadays, people ought to think that the only valid means of promoting a particular service or a product is via online marketing and add utilization. While this marketing approach is good for getting to a broader audience, other promotional techniques, such as custom-designed stickers work better when local marketing is in question, therefore, they attract the attention of potential customers and future users more naturally. There are different custom sticker designs you can use to promote your business and we are presenting you with a few pieces of advice you can use to your advantage in order to make the most out of your investment.

1. Customize Your Sticker

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The beauty of sticker customization is that you can devise almost anything that comes to your mind and print it on a piece of paper. Surely, there are already numerous templates you can choose from when implementing your idea to a sticker, so you can even combine different custom sticker designs until you craft what you think shall work best and promote your services in the most original way. Another thing about custom stickers important to mention is that they are incredibly noticeable and draw the attention of people wherever you decide to stick them, therefore, you can be sure you will affect exactly the target group you aim for.

2. Die Cut Stickers

While you can always combine new designs and experiences with different models to reach particular target groups, you can also decide to go for the most typical type of stickers that are called die-cut stickers. You are probably familiar with them even though you might not know how they are called and they owe their name to the way they are crafted. Namely, when you design a sticker, the machine cuts all the way around the design slicing both the vinyl and the paper so that you get a perfectly formed sticker prepared for further use.

3. Kiss Cut Stickers

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Another type of stickers you are already familiar with is the kiss cut variant. You can see them on people’s phones and some people refer to them as simple phone stickers, although their use surpasses being used solely on mobile devices. The main difference between die-cut stickers and kiss-cut stickers is that when the process of cutting sets in, the machine solely cuts through the vinyl while the backing paper remains intact. Namely, the cutting machine cuts around the design previously devised so when the process is over you are left with a smooth sticker that draws the attention of anybody who sees it.

4. Front Adhesive Stickers

While standard stickers are usually stuck on their back, front adhesive stickers are designed to be used in a different way, as their name suggests. Namely, while standard stickers are not particularly crafted to fit different sticking surfaces but can be used almost anywhere, front adhesive stickers are ideal for transparent planes. Therefore, if you think about decorating your shop window, a front adhesive sticker would be an ideal solution for you, but you can also stick it on your car window and modify your custom design to fit your wants and needs regarding where you want to place it. Feel free to visit and order custom stickers cheap no matter what design you have in mind. Apart from different types you can also choose from different templates or design your sticker from the scratch.

5. Rounded Corner and Square Stickers

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When we talk about practicality, you should consider opting for rounded corner stickers before the perfectly square ones, with sharp edges. While the two are not totally different but radiate with a similar vibe, the way they are produced yet makes them dissimilar. If you intend on learning more about stickers you should be familiar with the term flagging. It is nothing else but the occurrence of a label lifting from the corner of a sticker. Due to their shape, rounded corner stickers are much less prone to flag, so they are more popular because you do not have to worry that the sticker will be damaged easily. On the other hand, square stickers with sharp edges send a different message and they appear more modern than the rounded corner ones. Thus, if you consider that a custom square sticker is what you need, do not let other people’s negligence and prejudice as its result stop you from getting what you truly want.

6. Bumper Stickers

It is a fantastic way to make a statement no matter if you are advertising something or you simply want to point to something in a cool way. Since you can make a custom bumper sticker you do not face any limitations in terms of design so you should only worry that your message fits the bumper. Jokes aside, but since the sticker is intended for the bumper the people who will be affected the most by the message are the ones driving in a vehicle behind you. Therefore, try to be creative when devising a bumper sticker, even though its usage is not limited to bumpers only.

7. Transfer Stickers

Transfer stickers are a bit more delicate than the rest of the custom sticker examples listed above due to the way designed. Namely, transfer stickers consist of three parts. A backing paper, a transfer tape layer which is used to transfer the vinyl sticker, and a vinyl sticker. Now, a vinyl sticker consists of multiple parts which altogether create a whole picture and are being held together with a transfer tape. Once you separate the transfer tape from a backing layer you need to press it on a surface where you want to stick your sticker and, voila, your artwork is ready!

Is it easy to make up your mind? Hopefully, you will find the aforementioned pieces of advice and explanations useful when the time for crafting your custom design sticker comes. Since we have mentioned only a part of what the sticker world has to offer, we advise you to combine various models of stickers in order to convey your message more successfully. Just be careful, stickers can be that cool that you can hook up easily!