Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris is now online, and it’s great!! There are three different trials to complete, each with a different objective. You can also earn engrams and other rewards. If you’re looking for some fun in Destiny 2, Trials of Osiris is your event!

If you’re looking to add more content to your Destiny 2 experience or want to know more about the game’s various challenges and rewards, then continue reading for our complete guide to the Trials of Osiris. We have you covered, whether you are a veteran player looking for a challenge or a novice curious about the hub.

1. What Are the Trials Of Osiris?


Trials of Osiris, a high-stakes version of Bungie’s Crucible, is available on weekends. It is similar to the 3v3 Elimination game mode available on weekdays but with several differences. The first difference is that there are only six stations in Trials of Osiris, and each player starts on one of these stations.

The second difference is that the objective of Trials of Osiris is to reach the final station, which is located at the center of the map.

The third difference is that players can earn rewards for killing other players or completing specific objectives.

The fourth difference is that players can only respawn once they have died, and they cannot use their shields or weapons while they are respawning.

The fifth difference is that players cannot revive teammates during Trials of Osiris.

2. When Do Trials Of Osiris Start And End?

The Trials of Osiris begin every Friday at 1:00 pm (EST) and end on Tuesday at 1:00 pm (EST).

The Trials of Osiris are scheduled to not take place during the following:

  • The beginning of the new season.
  • This week is when a new raid comes out.
  • Every week Iron Banner is on the move.

3. Why Should I Play Trials Of Osiris?

There are a lot of activities in Destiny 2 that can be rewarding, but Trials of Osiris is one of the most rewarding. The exclusive weapons you can earn from completing trials are some of the best in the game and Flawless grants Adept variants that are even better. Trials offer lots of replayability, as you can use different strategies every time you play. These are the rewards you will earn in Trials of Osiris:

  • Exclusive weapons
  • Flawless grants Adept variants (explained further)
  • High-stat armor
  • Pinnacle gear rewards
  • Masterwork materials
  • Includes Ascendant Shards

4. Unlocking Trials Of Osiris

Since Destiny 2’s release, many players have been searching for a way to participate in the Trials of Osiris competitive multiplayer mode. In this case, you can take the best Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris boost service from

Trials of Osiris is a three-part process that must be completed to be completed before you can participate:

  1. The ownership of the latest Destiny 2 expansion
    • At the time of this writing, you’ll need Beyond Light for the game to enjoy Trials.
  2. Complete “Trials Access” quest “TA Passage
    • Purchased from Saint-14 during Trials is in use.

5. Trials Of Osiris Passages

The Trials of Osiris are a staple in the Destiny franchise, and for a good reason. They offer players a chance to earn powerful weapons and armor and new ranks. With each successive Trial, the rewards get better and better. However, not everyone can participate in the Trials at will. You can purchase four types of Passages from Saint-14: Passage of Mercy, Passage of Ferocity, Passage of Sacrifice, and Passage of Triumph. These passages grant access to different sets of Trials based on your chosen path.

The Passage of Mercy is the simplest option, and grants access to the first Trial: The Pyramidion. This Trial is a simple race against time in an arena filled with obstacles. The reward for victory is a powerful hand cannon called The Last Word.

The Passage of Ferocity grants access to the second Trial: The Lighthouse.

6. Playing Trials Of Osiris


If you’re a Trials of Osiris fan, you’ll want to be aware of some key changes made between Trials of Osiris and its elimination, Trials Fusion. The most notable change is that the game now features a tweaked Trials Reputation system, which is most notable for the lack of ‘badges’ present in Trials Fusion.

Significant Differences from Elimination

These are some of the significant modifications that have occurred between Trials of Osiris and Elimination:

  • Trials take place on the same map for each match.
  • The winner must win five rounds.
  • Each round is 90 seconds long.
  • Special and heavy ammunition doesn’t carry through between rounds.
  • Timers for revival are extended every time someone has been revived.
  • Emotes are kept in the first person.
  • Swords cannot be equipped with ammo without it.
  • Saint-14 announces in place of Shaxx.
  • Matches give Trials Reputation rather than Valor.

7. Trials Of Osiris Matchmaking Explained

The Trials of Osiris Matchmaking System has been through many changes during Season 15. With the introduction of the win-based matchmaking system, players now have to work harder for their rewards.

8. Trials Of Osiris And Saint-14 Rewards

For the first time in Destiny 2, players have the option to complete Trials of Osiris and Saint-14 Engrams for rewards. Pinnacle Weeklies are now a new way to earn rewards in Destiny 2, and they can be obtained as loot drops from Gambit or through The Lighthouse. Rewards from these Weekly Engrams include powerful weapons and armor that can help you take on the challenges of the Trials of Osiris and Saint-14.