Decluttering your home doesn’t always have to be tiring. In the end, it’s a rewarding process, too. There are many ways to cut the clutter in your home and make money at the same time. But, before the urge to go over the things in your home to clear mess kicks in, check out this list first.

1. Come up with a plan for decluttering


Decluttering your home is something that requires commitment and planning. While some experts suggest that jumping right into the task helps fight any hesitation you have, a decluttering plan will allow you to become more efficient. Another reason is that planning will help you avoid making a bigger mess during the process.

When planning, decide on which areas of your house need decluttering. Also, decide on what to do with the stuff you are removing. You can make extra money while reducing clutter in your home by selling your scrap to recycling facilities like for cash.

2. Create a checklist

A list can help you declutter your home more efficiently. First, create a list of the areas where clutter easily piles up. Then, make another list to detail the action you have decided to do to clean those areas.

Preparing a decluttering checklist ahead will allow you to create an efficient cleaning routine. It’ll also help you avoid going over the same areas when you should be headed somewhere else.

3. Ask for help


Having your family join you in tidying up the things that are no longer useful in your home makes things easier and faster. Even small kids can help by picking up one clutter at a time.

Your kids can at least group their toys. For example, all the Lego goes in one storage, all cars go in another, and so on. Keeping similar items in one area can help you save time when fixing your kids’ mess after playing. Asking for help is not only a way to teach your children about their responsibilities early in life. But, it’s also a way to share responsibility with the people you live with.

4. Allocate time for decluttering

Going over every item in your home is time-consuming. It is also a tiring activity, which is why some people hate decluttering. But once you start the task, it is easy to find yourself ending up in a rabbit hole. So, make sure to set a time limit for decluttering.

For instance, you wish to spend one day organizing closets, set a one-hour limit to work on each one. It will allow you to complete the task. You can also divide the day to declutter an entire room. Set blocks of time for each part of the room and keep up to that limit.

However, do not forget to take breaks. It helps to make you sane during the entire decluttering process.

Decluttering your home requires more than physical health. In fact, you will use a lot of mental effort to organize a home. So, make sure to take some breather to recharge for the next round.

5. Break down the clutter into categories


To get rid of the mess at home, you have to say goodbye to some stuff that is no longer useful. During the decluttering process, make sure to create a list of categories where the items will fall under. For example, some homeowners use categories like toss out, keep, donate, repurpose or recycle, and sell.

Creating categories for decluttering beforehand makes it easier to sort out those that are still useful from those that should go. Imagine how much of your time will be wasted without this method.

6. Be clear on your decisions

When adding items to a category, make sure you are decided about it. This way, your list of “maybe’s” will not become long.

Indicating a specific limit to the things you want to stay and things you are ready to let go of is also a way to reduce the mess at home. If you’re going to be minimalist, you have to be firm on allowing only the most essential things to stay.

7. Dedicate a specific date only for decluttering


Decluttering your home is an ongoing process. It isn’t something that you can do at once. So, mark out your calendar and choose particular dates that you feel are best for decluttering. You may also schedule decluttering activities every month, every quarter, or every six months. It depends on what you think is ideal for you.

How fast clutter piles up in one area of your home is also something you should consider when deciding on the schedule. If you don’t want to work on a huge decluttering task all at once, consider scheduling one day per week to work on it. After sorting it out, you may start following a once-a-month schedule.

Importance of decluttering your home

You can have a lot of reasons to prioritize reorganizing your home. Aside from finding things that you can donate or sell for cash, doing so also helps to keep your home mess-free.

Furthermore, sorting out your home can help you save time. Since you are already aware of where things are kept, looking for particular items takes less time. It will also take less time cleaning an organized room, which will allow you to spend time on more important things.

A messy home can even contribute to anxiety as clutter can stress you out. Imagine ending up with an unorganized makeup kit when you are rushing to prepare to go to work. It will definitely make you shudder. On the other hand, keeping your home organized and clean can help you relax, so think about it as a form of self-care.

When decluttering your home, making money from selling things that are no longer useful to you is only a bonus. The relaxing and rewarding feeling of a clutter-free home gives a higher level of satisfaction, which money can’t buy. So, start planning your own home decluttering activity today to achieve that level of satisfaction.