The stars have been awe-inspiring since time immemorial. There is something irresistible and breathtaking about the fact that there are particular, tiny to us, but huge celestial bodies which are so fascinating among humans that they inspire poets. They twinkle, they shine and each one of us can see them regardless of the place on Earth we stand at. This fascination with the stars was probably the factor that incarnated the idea of charting a part of the sky onto paper and hence creating first custom star maps.

This trend expanded with the speed of light and soon became quite frequent in the media, as it cast a shadow over not-so-original handicrafts at that time. In case you are wondering what made the world go crazy about them, we are more than willing to answer this question.

5It’s a lovely gift

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Yes, you guessed it right – this is by far the most popular custom star maps role. The secret is to get a unique picture of the sky and constellations at some specific moment that connects us to the person we want to give the map to. If we have the exact location and time of our first kiss with our significant other, there you go – we have a perfect anniversary gift. In case you remember the exact moment and place when a dear friend came into your life, here it comes – a beautiful birthday present. and similar websites even give you the possibility to choose the moments from the future as well – a marvelous gift idea for future newlyweds or future parents.

4It’s unique

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In a sea of other not so special and ordinary gifts that we sometimes give to our beloved ones due to the absence of inspiration, one must admit that star maps are a real breath of fresh air. We can be sure that no one in the world has the same star image as our loved one and that no one shares exactly the same story. Oh yes, and another amazing thing – if we give this to someone, we can indeed tell them that we took the stars out of the sky for them!

3It marks the most important events in our lives

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It’s not all about gifts either. Sometimes we wish to keep our precious moments for ourselves and give them a tangible form. This way, we can recall those wonderful memories every day and have on our mind how lucky we have been. Since life-changing moments like having a baby, getting married or birthdays of our loved ones are crucial parts of our lives, this is just another reason to get your own custom maps.

2It’s a gorgeous room decoration

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A small, personalized heart-shaped constellation can look absolutely stunning above the bedroom headboard. It can also be a charming detail in a children’s room as well as on the living room walls. What is inevitable is the fact that all visitors will simply have to notice this extraordinary detail – and this will give you some space to share your sweet memories with them.

1It’s a perfect thing for astrology/astronomy geeks

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Each and every one of us has at least one friend who is a total astrology enthusiast – knows the zodiac signs of all mates and simply loves talking about constellations and stars. On the other hand, some of them are more likely to be obsessed with astronomy and spend hours and hours behind the telescope. These people are likely to be absolutely delighted by custom star maps. Not only because they have to do with their sphere of interest – but because they understand the symbolism that lies behind them much more.


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