With more than 2.5 billion cricket fans worldwide, cricket betting is quickly becoming a fairly popular activity. And we’re talking about not just informal betting between friends and family, but big-time wagering on a reputable cricket betting exchange.

If you’ve been considering taking a shot at major league cricket betting, check out these quick tips to maximize your chances of winning good money. Let’s get started with some tried-and-tested strategies.

Check the Weather Forecast for the Cricket Venue

Since cricket is played in outdoor stadiums, the weather can have game-changing effects on the outcomes. For instance, unexpected showers could result in the match getting delayed or stopped. Rain a day before could lead to damp conditions, which, in turn, affects how the ball moves across the turf.

Although these factors may not seem significant, they can influence the final match results and the wager. If you’ve been anticipating a particular number of runs or centuries, the pitch’s condition could mean that you lose the wager. So, doing your homework is advisable.

Read Up in Detail About the Players

Before placing cricket bets, you’ll want to do research into the players on both teams. Check for their past performances in matches immediately preceding the one in which you’re wagering. Have they suffered any injuries or are out of form for other reasons?

What kind of injuries did they suffer, and will their performance be affected in any way? Is there a possibility of them sitting out the match? Who are the backup players? Information like this will help you place the right bets.

Understand How Cricket Betting Works


Whether you’re a newbie, diving into cricket betting for the first time, or a seasoned veteran, learn how to place wagers. Or, how to “lay the draw.” Five-day matches are typically long, with the odds changing drastically as the match progresses. You have the option to wager on odds during the match or bet on the outcome by laying the draw.

The latter has the potential to get you higher winnings. That being said, newbies might want to avoid unusual bets that bookies often offer to spice up the enjoyment, like over/under after a break. These wagers are, undoubtedly, hard to predict with a higher possibility of losses.

Study the Team’s Overall Performance

Unexpected results are typical of any sporting event, but, at the same time, you can estimate a win or a loss by studying the team’s overall performance. Research into the most recent matches they’ve played and their outcomes.

Were the wins close, or is the team going through a bad streak? Has the team makeup remained consistent, or have some of the players been replaced? What were the reasons for the wins or losses? Which were the teams they played against? Answers to these questions will help you predict their next match more accurately.

Pick Bets You Feel Confident About


Cricket betting has several different categories, and you can pick the ones you feel most confident about winning. You don’t always have to pick from the winning or losing side. Instead, scout around for options like the estimated number of runs, over or below, the number of sixes and fours, or even the number of wickets per bowler.

Bets on whether the game will end in a tie or not, and if it will be completed within the time limit is another option. Also, think of bets like the number of runs per inning, over or under a specific number, and so on.

Then again, you can bet on the batsman scoring the maximum number of runs, Man of the Match, Man of the Series, Best Bowler, or Best Batsman. Also, consider betting “in play” or in real-time during the match’s progress. That can be super exciting since a single over can turn the tide of the match entirely.

Choose from a Selection of Cricket Events

If you’re a die-hard cricket fan, you’ll know that there are a number of tournaments and matches being played worldwide. Try your hand at cricket betting in any of these events.

The most popular options are ICC Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, The Ashes, and of course, the Indian Premier League. Both men’s and women’s cricket are exciting options to consider. Aside from the final matches for winning the title and cup, these events also have qualifying matches that are also fun to wager in.

Cricket betting can be a very exciting entertainment option, and using these tips and strategies can help raise your odds of winning good money. Researching the teams and players can also give you insights into the possible outcomes, as is picking out favorable odds and winning categories. Start slow and bet higher as your skills improve. Enjoy!