You must have come across the concept of citizenship by investment in the past years. Across the globe, at least 100 countries offer this benefit to foreigners seeking a second citizenship and passport. And it seems like it’s a very popular concept because more and more people are interested in this kind of benefit.

If you are interested in something like this, you should find out in time which countries offer this benefit. Furthermore, it would be quite easy to decide on citizenship by investment and to know that you have certain resident benefits in a country. More information can be found at

Therefore, we decided to make a list of certain countries where you can do this. Of course, the number is larger, but these are the ones that are the most interesting and challenging for us!

1. Antigua and Barbuda


You are required to make a minimum donation of $150,000 to apply. It’s a great location and an exciting program, although processing can take up to four months. And most importantly, with an Antigua and Barbuda passport, you can move freely throughout the European Schengen Area, but also in the United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

In the application, you can also include your spouse, as well as all your biological spouses under the age of 31 (and their families), but also your parents and grandparents, if they are older than 55 years. You can also apply for siblings, if they don’t have a family of their own, or add dependents to your application.

2. Macedonia


The Balkan country, which is now called North Macedonia, has a new program for citizenship by investment. The country is located in the Balkans and although it does not reach the sea, it is actually considered one of the most picturesque countries in Europe. After many years of internal political and economic crises, it seems that this country is finally open to greater progress on the world map.

Application processing takes up to two months, and you need to invest at least 200,000 euros. This program is mostly intended for those who want to invest and improve the economy because this country really had a difficult period of stagnation in which it lost even the progress that was previously made.

If you are over 18, you can apply for citizenship here. If you have minor children, you can transfer your citizenship to them. Future generations can inherit it thanks to you if you want it to.

And most importantly, if you start a business there, you can count on highly qualified staff. A large part of Macedonians learns many new things themselves because they want to be qualified for high positions at work and manage to earn more than what the state can offer.

Although it is still in a chaotic state, we can say that the younger generations, who have no nostalgia for Yugoslavia, could make significant progress in this country in every possible aspect.

3. Montenegro


Montenegro is another ex-Yugoslav country that has had a really difficult period of internal development, although it can rely entirely on tourism. Just like Macedonia, Montenegro is a member of NATO and a candidate for EU membership. It has been functioning as a sovereign state since 2006.

To get a Montenegrin passport, you need to invest 250,000 euros, but also donate another 200,000 to the state. Processing can take up to 10 months, which for some is too long and too much money.

But with a Montenegrin passport, you can travel to the Schengen zone of Europe, Turkey, and Russia. And of course, you have access to the Adriatic Sea, which is one of the most beautiful seas, with clear water and beautiful beaches.

4. St. Kitts and Nevis


This is one of the most popular destinations for a second foreign passport. The country consists of two islands and is part of the Caribbean. In addition to beautiful nature, St. Kitts and Nevis has great diversity as well as being well connected by air to North America and Europe.

You are required to invest at least $150,000 and the processing will take about six months – but it will certainly be completed sooner. This program St. Kitts and Nevis introduced in 2007 and has since issued a large number of passports to applicants from every part of the world.

5. Malta


This island nation is one of the favorite destinations of foreigners. The climate is warm most of the year, the quality of life is high, it is well connected by airlines and crime is very low.

But it is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, to be able to get a residence there, you need to invest between 700,000 and 900,000 euros, which for many is a huge expense. Processing can take a really long time. In fact, you have to stay three years as a resident before you can get citizenship, or at least 12 months for certain exceptions.

But all that is forgotten when you realize that you live in a place where the fun never stops, and every European city is just a few hours away by plane.

6. Austria


Austria is a wonderful country, which opens its borders to many residents. The minimum investment is determined by what you offer in the application, so the processing takes 2-3 years. But when you get the Austrian passport, you can travel to over 180 countries without a visa or with a visa that you can get on arrival in the desired country.


These are the six countries we liked most for their passport for investment programs, and the ability to create a new life there. Some of them are well-known for these benefits, but small European countries were surprised for us too.

We hope that you’ll find the best choice and be patient until you receive the passport. After that, things will only get better for you, and especially for your business and well-being. So, don’t wait and explore your potential benefits. You will be surprised how great is to own a second passport nowadays.