Stick on phone wallets have slowly crept into the market and gained popularity within a short span of time. This is mainly owing to the utility they offer. How many people do you see carrying a wallet as they head to the nearby park, gym, or market? Not many, right? This is because most of us don’t like carrying additional baggage along. We often try to stuff some cash and cards in our pocket as we visit such places.

But do all our outfits have a pocket? No! Now, there is one thing that almost each one of us has and we never leave it behind when we step out of our house. You guessed it right! We are talking about a mobile phone. A pocket on the mobile phone is what the phone wallet concept is all about. Whoever invented it must be a genius for sure.

Numerous kinds of stick-on phone wallets are available in the market. While the purpose they serve remains the same they differ in design, color, and pattern. Among the various types of stick-on phone wallets that have been grabbing the attention lately are the shimmery confetti ones. Let us learn more about these latest design wallets.

Confetti Phone Wallets: The Newest Entrants in the Market

Phone wallet designs have evolved over the years. What started as a basic utility item available in plain or simple stripes and polka dot designs has become a mark of style in the current times. Wide variety of phone wallets is available in the market. The latest entrants include the ones with cool confetti designs. This variety has become extremely popular within no time. Here are some key features of this variety:

1. Stylish and Beautiful

A shimmery confetti stick is high on the style factor. These are filled with shiny, metallic confetti that renders a splendid look. You will find these in different colors including golden, pink, silver, purple, blue and more. The confetti-filled in these is of different shapes and sizes to add to the variety. Some of these have small star-shaped confetti others are filled with heart-shaped confetti while yet others have tiny round bits of it. Single colored shimmery confetti appears as beautiful as the multi-colored one. In addition to being a utility item, shimmery cases also add to your style.

2. Affordable

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Although these cases are super stylish and trendy however this does not mean they cost a lot. Many of these are quite reasonably priced and can fit well into your budget. You will not see a huge price difference between the plain phone wallets and these super stylish shimmery ones. Even school and college goers can afford them easily. In fact, this is actually the segment these are most popular in.

However, the price may vary from brand to brand. If you are looking for an affordable piece then it is suggested to do some research online. You may even visit the local market to look for all the available options. This will help you find a cool, pocket-friendly piece.

3. Handy

Shimmery confetti type appears delicate but in reality, they aren’t. The clear material used to craft these cases is of good quality. Vinyl is usually used for these. So, you don’t have to be extra cautious while slipping it into your pocket or bag. It would be just fine. This makes these wallets quite easy to carry. They are actually as handy as the plain ones. So, if you were planning to opt for a plain design over this one assuming it would require special care then you may reconsider your decision.

4. Confetti Design: Popular Among the Youth

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Confetti phone wallet stickers are loved by one and all. These are vibrant and trendy and can amp the appeal of the phone in an instant. No matter how old and outdated a phone is, sticking chic confetti phone cases on it can render a new and cool look. Though this variety appeals to everyone, the youth are particularly attracted to it. Young girls, in particular, love this stylish design. They prefer ones filled with colorful and beautiful confetti. They usually have different varieties of phone wallets and change them as per their mood and occasion.

Other Types of Phone Wallets

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Apart from confetti, various other types of phone wallets are also available in the market. These include plain phone ones, those with stripes, zigzag designs, floral prints, cartoon characters, superheroes, quotes, sequin and glitter, to name a few. Different kinds of designs and patterns are made available to match the taste of different segments of customers. While bright-colored, shimmery phone wallets and those with quirky quotes imprinted on them are loved by youngsters, the plain ones and those with subtle designs are popular among aged people and professionals.

You can get branded phone wallets as well as those by local manufacturers while the look and feel of both these may be similar however their price and quality differ to some extent. If you are looking for an affordable piece then it is suggested to go for one available at a local store, however, if you want a good quality one that is durable then we suggest you go for a branded piece.

All in all, confetti stick-on phone wallets are stylish, affordable, handy and very much in trend this season. These are readily available in the market. Newer and stylish versions of this variety are being launched by brands every now and then. So, look for the various available options before picking a piece. You can check out for an exclusive collection of these beautiful add-ons. The site has confetti wallets in all kinds of colors and designs. These have been priced reasonably and are high on quality as well as style. The site also offers various other types of phone wallet stickers, including those imprinted with quotes, zigzag lines, and more. We are sure you will fall in love with their collection.