Essay writing is quite a time-consuming task. Sometimes, students have many other things to do while the deadline goes too short. If it has happened to you, fret not! Take a deep breath, and begin your essay confidently.

It is possible to accomplish a first-rate essay in two hours by the tips below:

Plan Your Time


Planning is the fundamental need for everything in your life. The same goes true for assignment writing. At first, break your task into its segments with proper order, like:

  • Research
  • Brainstorming
  • Outlining 
  • Drafting
  • Editing

After that, you can set a time for each segment. For example, set one hour for the first three segments of the assignment. Every section would take twenty-minute, for which you can set a reminder on your cell phone. After that, give forty-five minutes for drafting and leave the remaining fifteen minutes for editing.

Planning your essay writing this way can lead you to write a brilliant essay in minimum time. But, if you need more time for every task, and the short deadline is raising your hair, preventing you from focusing on the task, you can go for online help.

There are many professional essay writing companies like Perfectessay that can do your work beyond expectation in a minimum time. All you need to do is book your order and feel relaxed while waiting for the final draft from the expert writers.

Read Your Essay Question Carefully


When time is short, things go wrong because it becomes hard to focus on every detail. But, it can prove a blunder in essay writing. For example, if you ignore your professor’s instruction while rushing to complete your work, you may have to revise the whole essay in an even shorter time.

So, it is crucial to carefully read the essay question and all other directions by your instructor to avoid the hassle. The best way is to read through the instruction file from start to end carefully.

Ensure that you have comprehended the essay format, type, length, and the number of citations demanded by your professor. Then, you can begin writing an essay fast with full confidence of accuracy and meeting the requirements. 

Make a Clear and Specific Plan

Planning your time is not everything when it comes to essay writing. You have to plan your essay structure as well. The best thing to do is learn to outline. It may also take many minutes from your precious two hours to outline. But, once you have done this nerve-racking task, you can finish your essay quickly with a set schedule in front of your eyes.

Mostly the essay breaks into three sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body 
  3. Conclusion

Every student understands the meaning of introduction and conclusion. For better planning, you need to break the body section into all possible paragraphs. For example, you can give three supporting paragraphs for the argument in the introduction. For further planning, you can break each paragraph into four sections:

  • Topic sentence
  • Details
  • Evidence 
  • Analysis

Following this pattern, you can make an outline for the entire essay to complete in minimum time. And if you don’t feel like writing anything yourself, use the top paper writing service DoMyEssay. While professional writers take care of your essay, you can relax.

Time for Outlining


Although outlining makes things simpler, easier, and less time-consuming, as told above, you have to spare a fixed time for it when the deadline becomes a ticking bomb. Usually, the segment of outlining comes after you have done your research and brainstorming. After that, you have to set an outline, then begin writing.

So, when you have to do an essay in a few hours, it is vital to fix a particular time for outlining. The best thing is to fix a half-hour for making a proper outline. After that, you will have to write the essay following the points in it.

So, do not consume all your time just planning about what you are writing. If you fail to build a reliable outline properly, hand over the partially done task to some online writer. They are always waiting to help you just for a fraction of the price.

Write Clearly


The clarity in writing is the key to success. Sometimes, when the deadline is too short, students tend to play with words in a possibly strange manner. Especially when you are doing the task without proper planning or outline, you may mix up important things like evidence and analysis to complete the essay in two hours.

Doing so will give you a muddled output without meaningful paragraphs. As a result, your professor will provide you with negative feedback and poor grades. To avoid this, try to be as clear in your writing style as you can. Below are a few tips you can follow to write more clearly:

  • Use an active voice.
  • Write the words you fully understand.
  • Do not fill your passages with technical terms again and again needlessly. 
  • Do not write extremely long sentences. 
  • Keep your paragraphs short and to the point.
  • Use some reliable online software to detect clarity; it will help you replace wordy or complex sentences with ready-made solutions.

Edit if You Have Time


Editing is the last part of assignment writing. Experts recommend editing your task as many times as you can. But, you cannot repeat editing after doing the work when you have left with too-short hours to do a heavy task. But, in any case, it is important to edit the document at least once.

There are many ways to edit the document and make tweaks to make the assignment acceptable in the college. Otherwise, the professor may give you a poor grade only because the essay was grammatically wrong, unclear, unreadable, or full of spelling mistakes.

When searching for professional help, be sure to check out several services before deciding on one that works for you. See if any reviews mention anyone who has used the service for completing essays quickly — this can provide peace of mind knowing they have a reliable track record with these types of orders.

Also, be sure to read comments about the customer experience — this will let you know what kind of service they offer and how effective they are at delivering their work efficiently while maintaining high standards of quality.

Suppose there is an option between placing an order manually or asking essayhub reviews or through customer support team of any reputed company; In that case, always opt for customer support option as they will understand your needs better & assist you accordingly.

Below are given a few ways to edit your file in a very short time:

  • Ask your parents to do the proofreading task in a hurry if they can do this.
  • Get help from your friends if they are free to make your essay error-free and acceptable in a minimum time.
  • Ask for essay help to proofread your file in a few minutes, and they will never disappoint you.
  • Use online software to detect mistakes in your assignment; these tools will highlight your errors and provide solutions to make tweaks in seconds.
  • Always keep premium access to grammar checkers on your laptop to utilize them when time is too short.

Always try to begin your essay writing after you get instructions from your professor. The more time you have to do a thing, the better attention you can give to it. But, if somehow you have to experience the panic of a short deadline, follow the tips given above and get high grades.