When you think about lucrative jobs, a community association manager might not jump off a page or screen and attract you, but that is the joy of finding pleasant surprises. The problem with looking for fulfilling and rewarding work is that there are so many options available, that you may not know where to start.

That is why you have ended here. One career opportunity you may not have considered is a community association manager (CAM) and how this could be the change you need in your life.

Here are 5 reasons why becoming a CAM may be your next best move of 2024:

1No Need for Higher Education


One of the bonuses for becoming a CAM is that you do not need extensive education in university or college. Many jobs that are both rewarding and financially lucrative need degrees, becoming a community association manager only requires specific courses in this job field, or equivalent training.

In any case, these experts show how quick and easy it is to get the knowledge and training it requires to start your life as a CAM. The benefit is a small fees for this training over exorbitant student debts and spending years of your life on a degree you might not be sure is right for you.

Even if you plan on getting a degree or diploma, or adding on to your qualifications with schooling, this only helps you in the future for this job. Being educated in fields like business, communications, marketing and other relevant fields is good additional resources for you if you become a CAM.

Getting started does not require this higher education, but when you feel ready and have the money to afford classes, you can improve your abilities. That is why so many people choose this career path, because of the success they can achieve without an arbitrary piece of paper. Just some motivation can go a long way for you in finding some meaning in property management.

2Flexible Job Requirements

Becoming a community association manager means you get to dabble in multiple areas of work. Being stuck in a stuffy office or windowless maintenance room would be a drag for a job, but luckily this field of work allows you to get on your feet and stay busy.

Versatile work is good for making you a more well-rounded person, and not just for your future career path. Having experience in areas like maintenance, bookkeeping, customer service, and operations management. All of these unique skill sets will give you a job that is more exciting than the usual 9-5 work.

Not to mention many of these job requirements are transferable to a wide range of careers. While this mostly applies to CAM work, it is still good to have enough to do to stay busy but not feel bogged down by work. That is why having such a flexible job in terms of what you do is good.

There are a lot of jobs in growing fields, but they sometimes do not offer the fulfillment of having the responsibility that community management offers. The face to face aspect of handling tenants, and being relied upon for repairs would make you a very valuable person to your clients.

3Opportunity for Skill Acquisition


A serious consideration that a lot of people have for choosing a new job or career path is the ability to climb the ladder of responsibility and positions. Becoming a CAM is a very lucrative position because of the fact that the skills you learn will help you as you progress in this career path, or if you decide to move on to other opportunities.

If you do stay in this field, there are more qualifications and certificates that you can acquire that allow you to work in more lucrative jobs as a CAM or large-scale management (LSM), association management specialist (AMS), or certified property manager (CPM).

All of these designations, certificates, and qualifications can make you an attractive prospect to future employers in bigger markets or positions. The information you learn through many of these programs and qualifications will go a long way for you. Even if you move away from this field, you will be a well-rounded individual regardless of where you go in life, but especially when moving up in this area of work.

4Sense of Community

Jobs today seem to be driven by personal success, so there can be a feeling of isolation amongst co-workers and management. That is why many people choose to become a community association manager.

Because of the need to assist in operations and maintain the day-to-day operations of residents of a property, properties, or residence unit, you will gain valuable social skills and become a much more successful person. This sense of community allows you to connect with the people you see and work with every day and build strong bonds of friendship and trust.

Social skills have always been one of the keys to a strong resume, and a CAM position can help improve or create these interpersonal skills that you may desire.

5Stable Career Choice


More and more people are looking for places to live every day, so naturally, the property is increasing. Community properties, like condos, apartments, and managed housing units/neighborhoods are growing, which means a need for skilled and reliable community association managers.

This field offers something incredibly valuable – stability. This need for housing and property means stability in the field, but also grows as bigger companies and property associations want to poach great managers and hire them for bigger projects. Instead of worrying about layoffs, you may be worrying about which job offer to take instead.

The idea of becoming a community association manager as a career choice might not be on your radar, but it should be. This career field offers benefits that many jobs could only dream about, and the opportunities it can afford for you are endless. While some jobs may seem like obvious paths to success, becoming a community association manager is one position that is a welcome surprise to your considerations.