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Online casinos became very popular in recent years, especially because they are available on smartphones and other devices, which makes it much easier to play. Today, online gambling is much more popular than standard ground casinos mostly because you can play it from your home, instead of traveling a long distance to visit a land-based one.

There are also many other benefits of choosing online slot machines rather than playing them on a machine. Some of the greatest are free deposits, a variety of bonuses, a wider choice of games, and improved comfort since you can play it whenever and wherever you want to. Like in many other countries, online casinos are very popular in New Zealand, and their companies and online platforms are one of the safest and most regulated in the world.

Another reason why online pokies are so popular is simply that unlike some other games like Baccarat, Blackjack, or Roulette, you don’t need any sort of strategy, just luck. Also, it is relaxing, and you only need to press the Start button and wait for some good combination of symbols. You can learn more at Dreamz about all of the benefits that you can get if you register on an online casino platform.

This online casino, like many others, is offering you free deposit and free games when you register for the first time. However, you will need to know some important facts about free spins, and what are the common mistakes that you should avoid while playing them. You can read more on that topic in this article.

1. Playing Only One Slot Machine

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In some cases, you can get even a few hundred free spins during some promotion, and a few times more of the free deposit than you placed on your account. For example, you can deposit 50$, and get a free bet of 100$, and 100 free spins. However, most people, especially beginners, are making one huge mistake, and that is sticking to only one game even if they are not winning anything. Most of the players are not taking a great chance for a win that they could acquire through free bet and spins. We know how hard it can be sometimes to change some game that is just not giving you anything, but that is crucial if you want to have a bigger chance.

There are thousands of games that you can play, and we advise you to try several and see which one suits you best. Also, some of them are better to be played with lower or higher bets, and you should be aware of that as well. There are many cases where people waste their free spins on a game that, at that moment, is not paying back anything. You should know that every game has a separate engine and current RTP, and when you see that some pokie is just eating your credit, switch to some other game.

2. Avoid Participation Slots

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We know that there are many recent slot games with improved graphics, engine, and sounds. Also, they are presented as games with a higher chance for a win, and some amazing bonuses, jackpots, and other prices. However, you should know that these games are connected to a global network, and the RTP is usually significantly lower than some other slot games. Our advice is to stick to standard games in some online casinos because you will have the best chance for a win.

Furthermore, many of those participation games are offering various progressive jackpots, but the main intention of that is to motivate people to play more, and it is harder for you to play another game when it seems how that big award is near. On the other hand, you should know some rules about jackpots, and how there are many cases where you can win it only if you are playing with the highest bets. Also, in most cases, the online casino won’t let you play higher bets with your free spins.

3. Know the Rules and RTP

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Whenever you register on some online casino platform, you will have to read the terms and conditions and find out are there any limitations or special rules about your bonus that you should know. For example, there could be a case where your free spins are only for testing the games, and you couldn’t win any real price with them. However, online casinos are usually giving you free deposits and spins, and you only win the amount over the free bet that they gave to you. Moreover, most of them will give you free spins with a bet that is less than 1$, or even only 10 cents in some situations, but that is still a good way to collect enough credit, and continue to play after the free spins are over.

RTP or return to player percentage is the most important factor of any slot machine. You should look for online casinos with higher RTP, and from countries that have strict regulations on that, like New Zealand. The average payback percentage is between 90 and 95 percent. Also, you should know that RTP can change during the game. For example, if the percentage is 91, it can be higher or lower during bonus games and free spins.

The Bottom Line

Free bets and bonuses are a great way to get some nice win when you register on an online casino. However, you should know that the main point of these bonuses is to attract more users to register and place their deposits. Also, you should know about the rules and your chances for a win in some casinos. When you see that some games just wasted all of your free credit and free spins, you should think twice before placing another deposit on that platform. The average RTP is similar in most of the online casinos, and it should be the same or at least similar during free games. Those are the main factors that you should know about online casinos, while everything else is pure luck.