When we think about learning something, having fun or enjoying that thing becomes a hard task. English is a language that is heavily based on conversational dialogues and diverse vocabulary. So reading English comics is a great way to learn these types of dialogues and vocabulary.

In this article, we have listed the 10 best comics for English learning that will help new English learners to learn and have fun at the same time. When it comes to learning English, sometimes individuals will face difficult topics that are too hard for them. Hiring an English tutor is a great solution to those types of problems.

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1. Garfield

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Garfield is a story about a lazy cat named Garfield that was released in June 1978. In this comic, you will see and read how Garfield laughs at his friends and makes fun of them for what they do. This is one of the favorite comic books in America, which has also been made into many animation films and movies.

2. Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes is a comic that was published in the 80s and it is still popular today. The main character of this comic is named Calvin, who has a tiger named Hobbes. Everyone knows that Hobbes is a toy, but to Calvin, he is a living animal who is like a friend to him. The main topic of Calvin and Hobbes is America’s contemporary cultures.

3. Diary Of a Wimpy Kid

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid was published in 2002 by a cartoonist named Jeff Kinney. The comic has almost sold over 250 million copies worldwide. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid has also been adapted into many audiobooks and short animations. The comic’s main character is an anxious middle schooler named Greg Heffley, who has many struggles and hurdles that adolescence faces. So as an act of fixing his struggles, Greg makes a journal where he writes his inner dialogues and thoughts.

4. Peanuts

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Peanuts is a popular comic about a persistent young boy named Charlie Brown. Charlie is a kid that fails at everything but Charlie never gives up. There is also another famous character named Snoopy, a dog. Peanuts is a comic book that offers several different emotions, like friendship, love, sadness, and humor.

5. Spider-Man

Spider-Man is a popular comic about a boy named Peter Parker, who gets bitten by a weird spider and becomes superhuman. Peter then helps New York City against many villains such as the infamous Green Goblin. Spider-Man is a well-liked comic that has been made into numerous films based on Peter Parker’s adventures in the comic books.

6. The Beano

The Beano is a famous comic book that was first released in July 1938. The comic follows the main character named Dennis The Menace and his friends. The group creates chaos in many different situations. The Beano was announced as the world’s longest-running comic on 2018 and the 4000th issue was published in August 2019

7. Reading With Pictures

First released in 2009, Reading With Pictures had a significant impact on using comics as a language learning tool. Reading With Pictures doesn’t just provide comics for entertainment, they have developed many series that are intended to improve learning. The comic has several talented artists who teamed up with many literacy experts to make an entertaining and accessible teaching tool.

8. Sketch Monsters

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Sketch Monsters is a comic by Vinny Navarrete and Joshua Williamson. The comic follows Mandy, an eight-year-old girl who is processing her feelings in a remarkable way. Sketch Monsters features several languages and vocabulary that describe emotions while also promoting literacy. When Mandy gets frustrated or sad, she draws her feelings down in her sketchbook and manifests them into monsters.

9. Maya Makes a Mess

Maya Makes a Mess is created by Rutu Modan that was first published in 2012. The comic revolves around a girl named Maya, who grows annoyed by her parent’s constant nagging about her spotted manners. One day her parents invite Maya to dine with none other than the Queen. During dinner, Maya starts to struggle with her messy table manners which are charming nonetheless.

10. Dilbert

Dilbert, the first work of the popular comic creator Scott Adams was published in 1989. The comic has had some remarkable success including cartoons, books, and video games. Almost everyone has fallen madly in love with the sarcastic humor of Scott Adams and his protagonist Dilbert the engineer.


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Does comics improve English?

Yes, comics can improve English because they provide a visual and fun way to learn new vocabulary and grammar structures. Comics are also a great way to improve reading comprehension skills, as well as oral and written communication skills.

What age are comic books for?

Most comic books are meant for younger children, around the ages of 7-12. However, there are some comics that are meant for older children and adults.

Why are English comics in the classroom?

English comics were used in the classroom to help students learn grammar and vocabulary. They are a fun and interactive way for students to learn, and they can also be used to review material that has been covered in class.

English comics are a great resource for teachers because they provide activities that can be used in the classroom, and they also come with a teacher’s guide that provides additional information on how to use the comics in the classroom.


Comics play an important role in making people laugh and learn at the same time. There are many comics that are great for individuals who want to learn English. In this article, we have listed some of the best comics that help in learning English. Reading is always a good option for people who want to have a higher understanding of English.

Sometimes we face many difficult words that are hard to understand on our own and can make us frustrated. In these cases finding an online tutor can help you a lot. There are online tutoring services that offer language tutors for more than 60+ languages including English tutors.