When learning to play a new instrument, most beginners prefer starting on easy-to-use and comfortable ones. Similarly, most new and some old guitarists look for comfortable guitars they can get to avoid muscle strains and other forms of discomfort.

Finding the most comfortable electric guitar would essentially depend on your personal preference and the posture you assume while playing. There are even health benefits to playing guitars as well.

However, electric guitars often have solid bodies that make them quite heavy, and it becomes difficult to find a comfortable guitar. You can find some of the most comfortable electric guitars to play here.

In this article, we will discuss what type of electric guitar is best for you, depending on your body size and playing style, as well as the shape, size, and style of the electric guitar.

What Is the Best Electric Guitar For Your Body Size?


Just like your body, guitars also have a body with a head, neck, and waist. Before buying an electric guitar, you need to consider your own body style and size. This will help you find a guitar that is compatible with your body.

Do you have a petite or large stature? Are your fingers delicate or chubby? You need to pay close attention to such details in order to find a guitar that will assist you best.

We will consider the different sizes that electric guitars come in to help you determine which one is the best for you.

Electric Guitar Sizes

Guitars, like other musical instruments, come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, depending on the type and model of the guitar.

If we rely on common sense, it will be clear that smaller people will find smaller electric guitars more comfortable, while bigger folks will prefer a guitar that compliments their own size.

A general rule of thumb that several guitarists use is measuring a potential guitar that they are interested in buying against their own bodies to gauge the size. However, electric guitars don’t come in many sizes, but they do have many shapes to select from.

We have described the six different shapes of electric guitars below, so you can choose the most suitable one for you:

1. Stratocaster

These are considerably lightweight electric guitars that have contoured sides, which fit nicely with anybody and are very comfortable to play with. They also feature cutaways on the top and bottom, which prevents neck strains.

2. Telecaster

These electric guitars have a solid body, with one cutaway at the bottom. They can be quite hefty and bulky for those who have a small frame.

3. Superstrat

Superstrat guitars feature a contoured heel and cutaways on the top and bottom. The shape of these guitars allows you to have access to higher frets.

4. Gibson SG

These guitars are an updated version of the LP. They feature upper and lower cutouts for extra comfort. Some newer ones come with contours on the sides as well.

5. Les Paul

These are very bulky and heavy guitars with a solid frame. They have cutaways at the bottom but no contours.

6. Firebird

The firebird and even explorer electric guitars come in unique shapes, which in all honesty are an acquired taste and not the most suitable for most guitarists.

How To Tell Which Electric Guitar Is the Best For You?

Apart from the size of the guitar itself, there are certain features that speak to comfort. One such feature is the shape of the guitar’s neck. According to some expert guitarists, the guitar neck is the most telling feature in determining comfort.

If you have small hands and dainty fingers, an electric guitar with a thin neck will be the most comfortable for you to play. Similarly, guitars with larger necks are more suitable for those with big fingers.

An electric guitar with a C neck is arguably the most comfortable guitar you can play. However, talking size-wise, bigger hands compliment a U-shaped guitar neck, while smaller ones work better with C necks.

If your playing style is different and you like to hover your thumb over the neck, then a V neck would be comfortable for you.

Finding the Most Comfortable Electric Guitars to Play Sitting Down vs. Standing Up


If you are someone who prefers playing the guitar sitting down, you need to make sure that the guitar fits comfortably in your lap and it is slim so that there is minimal pressure on your chest.

Moreover, the width of the guitar must not be wider than your torso so that you can easily handle it. An electric guitar with a defined waist is the most comfortable for small and petite people.

For bigger guitarists, who have a taller midsection, thinner guitars work better because they are easy to reach. Your posture also contributes to comfort, so make sure that you avoid slouching and sit upright to avoid discomfort and soreness.

However, if you like playing an electric guitar standing up, like a true rockstar, the rules will slightly differ.

The best way to ensure comfort is using a guitar strap that supports the weight on your shoulders. Although guitar straps can be very annoying as well, so make sure that the buckle does not hinder your hand movement.

Lightweight electric guitars are also better for playing standing up, especially if you have a small frame.


It is not very difficult to find a comfortable electric guitar, as long as you get one that is the correct size and shape for your body size. Generally, the Stratocaster and Les Paul are the most comfortable shapes in electric guitars.