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Poker is a gambling game by a definition, but people rarely see it as a brain exercise. In recent years this game is recognized as a cognitive tool for many people because it involves skills such as perception, emotion management, and assimilation. Since we can play poker online, without losing any real money, we can improve our brain and see the cognitive benefits of this game.

A lot of the players still think that they need to have a lot of luck and a little knowledge, but experienced players know their chances by predicting the possible combinations others have and following their reactions and facial expressions, as the cards are pulled one by one from the pile. Many studies showed that the people who play poker and other deck games can develop real-life skills that will help them make better decisions and be more creative. You can check Insider Poker for more information.

So, it’s time to change our perception about the poker and recognize it as a mental exercising tool. Here are a few of the cognitive benefits that this game offers to you:

It’s a kind of meditation

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Let’s be clear. We are overviewing the benefits of the free and independent poker games, not mentioning its gambling nature. As we know, meditation is a mental exercising process that helps us improve our mental performance. People who play poker for fun say that their brain is calm and never messy after they finish the game. And a good meditation can help you with better sleep and faster metabolism. So, if you don’t gamble and lose money, poker games can be considered as some kind of meditation.

It wakes up the businessman in you

When you play on high stakes you are aware that you will earn or lose a lot of money. Every step has a risk, and as you gain more experience, you will see that you become more confident and courageous. When you think you have a good hand, but there is still a chance that someone has better, you are learning how to manage the fear of the risks. Just like in the real-life business world, you need to know when you can bet higher and when to stop everything you do and wait for the next step.

Also, this game is good for your emotional intelligence, because it helps you to learn to control your emotions. Every one of these skills is also important for your business, especially if you run a company or if you have a high position at your workplace.

It develops your logical thinking

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The biggest part of the game is lucky decisions at the last minute, but after a long period, you will see how you use high-level mental skills to play a good hand. That also affects your real-life decision making. You will be able to go straight to the point of the problem, without letting any emotion to affect the final decision. This is the part where you develop your logic and leave the emotions by the side.

You learn how to make long-term plans

As you analyze your possibilities and chances when you have a lot of money on the table and good cards in your hand, you will learn how to plan your whole life better than now. You will avoid impulsive decisions that seem good now, but that in the long-term may cause a catastrophe. Poker will also affect your honesty and self-consciousness and you will lie to yourself less than before. This is a great cognitive skill to have.

Discipline, concentration, and patience

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Professional poker players are always patient until the last card is dropped on the table. They play and bet with a great dose of discipline and concentration because if they make a bad move, they will lose everything, even the chance to play another hand on the same table. They are not impulsive and they are aware that every bet requires a lot of mental discipline that they need to have, so they can be good at the game.

Better emotional control and response

As kids, many people were cry-babies when they were losing in some games. Some of them kept that habit even in adulthood. But, that brings no benefits for you and your social and mental skills. Poker will help you learn to manage your emotions and don’t let them mess with your head when you need to decide something important. Proper emotion management will help you to be yourself even in a difficult time. So, you need to calm down and reduce stress. Playing poker will help you a lot with your emotional control, because you need to play smart and put an effort, in order to win the hand.

It’s helpful for people with Alzheimer and dementia

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Poker reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and it’s supported by a French study from 2009. Elderly people often play cards because it helps them be more concentrated and keep their mental functions healthy. Cognitive exercising is great for your mental abilities, and that is one of the beneficial aspects of poker games too.

If you want to know about how poker affects your mental health and cognitive skills, you just need to click here and find out why it’s a great game for you. You can find many online poker games on the Internet, or you can download an application to your smartphone. Don’t expect to see the benefits after a few games. People play cards for years and they develop great mental skills as they gain more experience in the game.

Use the current coronavirus crisis to train your brain. You need to keep it in good condition, so you can use it properly when everything gets back to normal. Every logic game has its mental benefits that improve your cognitive response. As time goes by, you will see that you are controlling your emotions better and not letting them affect your reasoning and decisions. Don’t waste your time and use card games to increase your cognitive potential, starting today. For more details on how to host a poker game, read more here