Cigars have been ingrained into society for a long period of time. They are regarded as a symbol of wealth and class and often used as such in movies. Think of your favorite movies, have any of your actors lit up a cigar in it? Cigars have been and will continue to be a staple in both movies and to some cultures.

What is the difference between a cigar and a cigarette? Why is a cigar seen in such a classy way? Is there a difference in cigars? There are big differences between cigars and cigarettes. Cigars are seen in a classy way due to the context surrounding them, along with the quality of the cigar, and finally, not all cigars are created equally.

Therefore, certain cigars will be of much higher quality than other cigars. With the right outfit, the right cigar, and the right reason, you can look like the classiest one there. The next time you are looking to celebrate, bring along a cigar or two for you and your friends and watch the stares you will get from others. If you’re looking to create a lasting and classic impression, a cigar will help you achieve that.

1The Difference Between Cigarettes and Cigars


Many people do not know the difference between cigars and cigarettes. For starters, the most obvious difference between the two would be the size and usage. Cigarettes are much smaller and therefore only last for around five minutes, while cigars are much larger and can remain lit for forty-five minutes.

On the visual level as well, you might notice that a cigarette has a filter and a cigar does not. This is for several reasons. Firstly, cigarette smoke is meant to be inhaled into your lungs, while cigar smoke is not, therefore does not require a filter. While you can still inhale cigar smoke, it is strongly advised against due to the chemicals going straight to your lungs. Secondly, by not having a filter, the cigar is able to bring out much more of its flavor and therefore be more enjoyable than a cigarette.

Cigars can come in many flavors and strengths; therefore, you can find the right one to match your ideal taste. Look back at all your famous movies with police officers or mafia. Do you see them smoking cigarettes, or sitting back and smoking a cigar? Keep your image classy by having cigars.

2Cigars Are a Status Symbol


Cigars will remain a status symbol due to its price. A pack of cigarettes is extremely cheap, while a good cigar can cost up into the hundreds of dollars. What makes a cigar so expensive? A cigar is priced based on the tobacco that is used, the way it is rolled, and the flavors it brings out.

Cigars are seen as a symbol of wealth, therefore many people seen smoking cigars are perceived as rich and wealthy. The cigar also carries the connotation of being smart and sophisticated. Looking at movies like James Bond, for example, in casino scenes, many of them are seen smoking around the table as a sign of wealth, and class. Arnold Schwarzenegger is another example of an actor who commonly uses cigars.

Seen as the perpetual badass in all of his movies, this look is enhanced through cigars. The other important thing to note about those people is that the cigar works with the outfit they are wearing. Because the cigar is seen as a fashion symbol, it must be matched accordingly with the right outfit. By picking the right clothing and capping it off with a cigar, you can ensure that you are seen as the smart and wealthy person at any party you go to.

3Not All Cigars Are Created Equal


Within the cigar market themselves, there is a large disparity in prices. Some cigars can go for as little as ten dollars while some can sell for one hundred times its cost. As mentioned earlier, the type of tobacco used, and its flavor play a huge role in the creation of the cigar and how it is priced.

Along with that, certain cigar brands are known for making better cigars than other brands. Finding the right cigar for you is like finding a piece of clothing that fits you. You need to take a look, check them out, and make a decision based on your personality.

Some people like a stronger cigar while others like a cigar that is not as potent. Regardless of what cigar you want, know that all cigars are different and that you will have to find the one for you.

4Cigars As A Tool for Celebration


How many times have you seen a person celebrate a big milestone or event with a cigar? Did you know that in the past, when a baby was born, it was common for the father to give out cigars to all of his friends?

A cigar is so revered in the fashion world that it is used as a tool to celebrate. After athletes win a major championship, they can often be seen with champagne and a cigar. This has become so common in society that the cigar has been cemented as a symbol for celebration and success.

If you want to come across as a successful person, lighting up a cigar is one of the best ways to do so. Keep yourself looking fashionable and successful by having a cigar ready for you and your friends.

In the right situation and outfit, a cigar can be a game-changer. People will look at you in awe as you classily puff away. Remember when looking at cigars that they are vastly different from cigarettes and are seen as a much bigger status symbol than the latter. Not many people associate cigarettes with class.

Cigars are often used as a tool to celebrate and party as well, and will elevate you to a higher level when seen. Finally, all cigars themselves are different, so just like a fine wine, it will take some time to explore and find the right one for you. What outfit will you wear to go along with your cigar?