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Changing the furniture in your home and you’re stuck with choosing a sofa? Have no clue what to consider to choose an adequate one? No worries, we have prepared 5 simple tips you can use, to make sure you choose the most comfortable, high-quality sofa, with the coolest design that will refresh the whole room.

But before we get to the concrete tips, you need to perform a couple of checks, before choosing the right one. These steps include the measurement of the space you wish to put your sofa in. So, think carefully about the position you’d like the sofa to be in, grab a meter, and measure it. The second thing you’ll need to check is how many doors does a sofa has to go through, and measure their width as well.

Because the biggest mistake we make when changing the furniture is fall in love with a piece. We end up buying, but there’s no chance to get it inside the house. If it cannot be disassembled, you’re doomed. You can return it, but you’ve already imagined how it will look like. Even worse, you’ve already bought the curtains to go along with the design.

Enough with possible complications. When you’ve completed the measurements, consider the following five tips.

1. Pick a style

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You’ve probably already decided about the style of the room or the whole house. The one that describes you the best. Your choice of the sofa will depend on it. Think about what’s most practical to you, the one with legs, where you’re able to easily access the floor underneath, or is this not a priority? What kind of armrest do you like? The one that blends with the rest of the sofa, or the one that stands out? From a different material, like solid wood? Or, you are searching for the modern sofa bed?
If you prefer the elegant and modern home, a clean line design sofa with a dramatic color would do.

If you’re more of an eclectic fan, think about the couch combined from a different set of styles, like a vintage one with a fresh colorful cover, or a modern one with traditional details. Or, if you prefer classic styles, then a simple couch with some neutral color is the best choice. You can always style it up with a couple of pillows. A funky ottoman can also look cool with it, as a coffee table or a side table. Visit this website for more style inspiration.

2. The quality of the frame

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A strong frame means your sofa will live a long life, nestled inside your home. Therefore, pay special attention to the construction of its frame. If you choose solid wood, like oak, ash, or beech, it needs to be well dried to attain quality. Poorly dried or not sufficiently dry will cause the bending of the construction and cracks. Quality sofa wooden frames are dried in special ovens that completely remove the moisture and ensure longevity. If you can, avoid metal frames, plywood frames, or plastic frames.

3. Test the filling and the springs

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Take a sit on the edge of the sofa, or in the corner if it’s L shaped. If it creaking or makes funny sounds, this implies the springs are poorly manufactured.

As for the filling, some which are more affordable are made of polyurethane. However, comfort will depend on the filling density. The more expensive version is the high elasticity foam. It’s also much more comfortable for each position, and more endurable. Fillings can also be combined with feathers, but are very demanding for maintenance.

In any case, when you go shopping press the sofa in a couple of places to check how fast will it return to the initial position. This should tell you everything about how fast it can lose its form. What can also be combined is the filling in the sitting part, and the filling in the backrest. You can choose based on where you like to 4. feel more softness and comfort.

4. Easily maintained fabric

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The most practical type of sofa is the one that’s easily maintained. In this case, the price does not guarantee the sofa will be simply maintained. Natural materials such as silk, cotton, linen are the most expensive but are also the fastest to deteriorate. The most endurable ones are the mixtures made of natural materials and artificial ones, for example, wool or cotton, strengthen with some synthetic material or impregnated for easier cleaning. The fabrics you choose will also depend on the fact if you have kids, or if you have pets or both.

If you’re more of a leather type of person, genuine or eco, you need to be sure about the stitching quality on the sofa. Ask how it’s maintained, how endurable is it, resistant to stains, sunrays, is it fireproof. Try how the leather feels on bare skin, is it too rough or unpleasant.

5. What is the joinery like?

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Before deciding to buy the sofa, needed less to say how important it is to try it out. Try to figure out if it feels like the sofa is rocking a bit. The legs of the sofa have to be a part of the frame and tightened with screws and wedges, or have grooves as enforcement. Avoid buying furniture for seating whose legs are joint only with glue. There a couple of ways to test this, one of which we will give as advice.

To test the firmness of the frame, lift the front angle or the whole couch from the floor a bit. Until you reach approximately six centimeters of the floor, the second front leg should be already lifted as well. If it’s still touching the floors, it’s a sign that the frame is too weak.

Following these simple five tips will help you choose a quality sofa, that will endure the test of time. Of course, the quality also depends on the budget you’re willing to spend on it, but these tips can help you meet your expectations regardless of the budget.