If you have some experience in using different software, then you must be aware of IDE for sure. The complex interface of some software can give you headaches. This is the main reason why everyone considers using an IDE ( Integrated Development Environments) these days. Apart from providing you with features such as automation and source-code editing, some of them also feature intelligent code completion.

There are some developers who are comfortable using a single tool only for their development work whereas some do not mind leaving one software and shifting to another command-line development tool. If you want to pick the right IDE for yourself, there are some factors that you need to consider. Check out the tips below for choosing an IDE that is suitable for you. But before that let us understand what an IDE is.

What is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)?


An IDE is a PC program that incorporates tools for an assortment of programming assignments. IDEs consolidate a few bits of the software advancement process into one compact program.

At the point when a software engineer utilizes an IDE, they don’t need to access various different programs to use specific tools. Executing an IDE into your work process decreases the requirement for arranging and adjusting numerous projects for the specifications of a similar venture.

Tips to choose the right IDE


1. Understand your needs

Before picking any IDE, it is essential for you to understand what project you require. It will help you decide what features do need to have in an Integrated Development Environment. Every IDE package is different. Some have helpful debugging software whereas others might not be so valuable for you. Check out CodeLobster to get an IDE suitable for PHP, CSS, Javascript, and HTML development.

2. Cost

There are numerous IDEs available in the market that are free of cost. But if you require special features then you might have to get the paid version. IDE like Arduino IDE is free of charge and open-source but packages like IAR Embedded Workbench come at a cost. If you are looking for a cost-effective option, then you can go for the open-source IDE but if you need extra features and customer support to help you, then you can consider paying for the packages.

3. Debugging

Individuals who deal with microcontrollers know the significance of debugging. Sometimes, the software stops working and there is no information why it happened. Many IDEs when used with Google can provide you insights into why the blunder or error occurred. That is the reason why debugging is significant. It helps the developer run the program step by step and also adds breakpoints to it. Debuggers assist the programmer to view all the variables that are responsible for crashing the program.

4. Ease of use, libraries, and packages

Another property that you need to consider is the ease of use of an IDE. Usually, the IDEs that have numerous libraries and packages are difficult to operate. But the ease of use also depends upon how the libraries and packages are implemented in an Integrated Development Environment. Pick the IDE that is compatible with more devices and has fewer packages and extra features.

Why should you use an IDE?


Developers spend so much energy and time writing programs and codes. They need different codes to perform different tasks. There is sometimes a need to reformat the program to a new one to get the desired results. Such difficult tasks can be easily done with an IDE. Here are a few more benefits programmers enjoy while using an IDE.

Text autocompletion

Do you know what Google does when you begin typing something in its search box? Exactly the same thing occurs with an IDE. Since it definitely knows the syntax structure of the language you’re programming in, it can give you ideas of what you need to compose straightaway. This assists you to be quicker because you don’t need to write everything yourself, you can simply begin composing something and the autocompletion will provide you with a rundown of potential options.

Continual learning

One more advantage is the ability to keep yourself up-to-date and educated. For instance, an IDE’s help section is continually refreshed, alongside new samples, and project layouts, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Programmers who like learning new things and stay up-to-date with new practices are bound to add value to their group and to the enterprise, which helps in increasing productivity.


It gives an easy-to-use system for various kinds of programming dialects, like Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, and Java. It contains an entire package including a source code editorial manager, compiler, debugger, translator, and different elements, for example, autocompletion of text (where you begin composing the name of a variable or function, it finishes up the remainder of the name), syntax highlighting, and so on.


Importing libraries

While you’re chipping away at a Software Development project, there will be a few extreme prerequisites that you really want to sort out some way to code. Fortunately for us, you don’t need to make a program from scratch that is already available on the web. You can use the codes developed by other programmers as a library. IDE is helpful in importing such libraries so you can easily work on it and create your desired code by using those libraries.

To Sum Up

IDE is a computer program that helps you in performing various programming tasks. Using a single tool to compose all your codes can be a headache sometimes. To make this easier for you, consider using an IDE. It helps you shift to a different platform to write codes. If you are interested in using an IDE, make sure to learn about the above tips to choose the right Integrated Development Environment for you.