The outdoor power station can meet the needs of various scenarios such as indoor backup power, outdoor activities, car self-driving tours, emergency rescue, etc., such as off-grid or power outages, ensuring lighting, small home appliances, mobile phones, cameras, laptops, on-board electrical appliances, and car emergency start, The normal operation of medical emergency equipment and other equipment. You shall pay attention to the following points when purchasing: outdoor power station charging method, appearance volume, and weight, and safety.

1. Precaution for purchase


There are generally three ways to charge an outdoor power station: mains, car charging, and solar charging. When we are outdoors or traveling by car, we can choose to add car chargers and solar charging in addition to the mains, which can be purchased according to our needs.

The input and output interfaces of outdoor power station supplies:

DC interface

(DC power supply interface, a power supply that meets the voltage requirements for DC power output) DC direct current is also called direct current or constant current. Its size and direction are constant.

  • AC interface: (AC power interface, used to connect to the mains.) Connect electrical equipment such as rice cookers, electric ovens, car refrigerators, medical equipment, etc., to meet the needs of cooking, boiling water, cooking, and work.
  • USB interface: the interface for connecting mobile phones, power banks, searchlights, and other small devices to charge.

It is recommended to read the instructions carefully before use and operate in strict accordance with the requirements to ensure safety.

Appearance and weight

If you are an expert who goes outdoor hiking camping with friends or goes into the mountains on weekends, the equipment you carry must be very streamlined, because the mobile phone and GPS must have electricity. The portability of the outdoor power station supply is very important, and the power and volume should not be too large. But if it’s an RV trip because the journey is basically on the road, on-board equipment, laptops, etc. require electricity, and it is inconvenient to charge with the mains and the car. Therefore, a trolley-type high-power power station supply is very important, not only does not need to be always charging, but also can move with the camp. So everyone should choose an outdoor power station according to their actual situation.


The safety of outdoor power station supplies, the key is the battery cells of the outdoor power station supply. In other words, the batteries must intelligently and stably control the power station supply: temperature protection, protection against battery overcharge and over-discharge, Over-voltage, anti-over-current, anti-short circuit protection settings. In addition, the choice of shock-resistant and fall-resistant materials or materials that can block combustion in the shell material can make the outdoor power station supply safer and more durable during use.

2. Outdoor activities: camping


A 10000mAh-20000mAh power station bank can fill a mobile phone at most several times. If you bring a camera, video camera, laptop, drone, GPS, sports watch camping lamp, cooker, electric oven, and other equipment to go camping, the power of 20000mAh power bank seems a bit stretched when it comes to using multiple devices and long-term outdoor activities. The outdoor power station supply with a large battery capacity can power various equipment and electrical appliances for a long time. It is light and portable, and it is a must for camping.


For the purchase of outdoor mobile energy storage power supplies for outdoor camping, it is recommended to choose the one that supports the solar charging function, which can efficiently use solar energy and provide an independent power supply from the grid. You only need to purchase solar charging panels. Purchase according to your own equipment and the degree of carrying

3. Self-driving tour


Now more and more people like to travel by car, and digital equipment is indispensable during travel.

However, portable power banks can only solve the charging problem of small devices such as mobile phones. Other digital devices cannot meet the charging needs, such as car appliances, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, drones, etc., more and more The equipment began to integrate into our travel life. The outdoor power station can perfectly solve the power shortage when we are outside, and provide convenient power services anytime, anywhere so that our outdoor journeys are full of infinite possibilities.


Fast charging is actually a very important advantage for self-driving. It allows outdoor electricity to be fully charged for various digital products without waiting for a long time. For the purchase of outdoor power station supplies for self-driving tours, it is also recommended to choose the one that supports solar charging, which can efficiently use solar energy and supply power independently from the grid. You only need to purchase solar charging panels.

4. Family backup


Power outages during power grid maintenance in urban areas affected the lives and work of residents.

At this time, the outdoor power station can play a great role, such as lighting, small home appliances, mobile phones, cameras, laptops, printers, telephone communications, etc., lithium batteries store electricity with large capacity, and then convert them into various AC and DC power for daily life. Use, cook, boil water, cook, work, etc.; because it is portable, it can also be easily carried in the home and office to ensure normal life and work.

Furthermore, the home backup outdoor power station supply/energy storage power supply should preferably also support the emergency start of the car, which is more convenient. When the car battery is out of power, connect it to start the car, power on the car, and realize the emergency rescue function.


When you choose to purchase, add a 12V car battery patch cable.

5. Disaster relief


For areas where the power supply is unstable due to disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, portable outdoor power station supplies can solve the power supply problem of rescue equipment such as disaster relief personnel, medical rescue personnel’s detectors, medical emergency equipment, ventilators, etc., because it is portable and easy to carry. Time and efficiently rescue the trapped victims. It can really play a big role.

I think that outdoor power stations can accumulate enough electricity as soon as possible, and it is its key advantage to easily deal with disaster relief under power failure.


For outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preparedness, Jackery solar generators offer a reliable and portable power source for various scenarios. With a variety of charging methods and safety features, these generators provide peace of mind during power outages and outdoor adventures.

Outdoor power station supply is suitable for indoor backup power, outdoor activities, car self-driving tours, emergency rescue, and other off-grid or power outage scenarios, lighting, small home appliances, mobile phones, cameras, laptops, on-board electrical appliances, car emergency starters, medical emergency equipment, and other equipment Normal operation. Let customers have a better experience, convenient, easy to carry, and practical.

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