Installing a new asphalt driveway, private drive, parking lot, or roadway is a significant project. It can feel like a formidable task, but it is also enriching when you walk away with a beautiful new driveway for your home or a parking lot for your business.

While many different asphalt paving companies are in the Elmwood Park area, locating a high-quality, trustworthy business is vital to your end goal. Working with local Jersey paving specialists is a sure way to achieve your vision, but getting there requires a bit of footwork.

Before you can determine whether or not a company has been thoroughly vetted and meets all the requirements you need for your paving project – you have to know what details you should be evaluating and prioritizing in the search process.


Are They Licensed, Bonded & Insured?

You wouldn’t get your hair cut and styled by a person who hadn’t been to cosmetology school. You likely wouldn’t head into the doctor’s office if they weren’t a licensed practice, and so it is doubtful that you would want to book your asphalt paving project with a business that wasn’t licensed to practice in New Jersey.

Your pavers should be professionals you can count on, and licensing ensures they have met the set criteria determining their credibility as individuals and as a business.

Insurance is just as critical a licensing as home and business owners need to work with other companies to get the job done and protect their property in the process. Insurance is a line of defense that cannot be compromised when paving asphalt. That is why warranties are also critical to providing goods and services. Before booking, check in with the companies you are considering about the warranty provided for your paving project.

Experience Level and Portfolio

Just as paving professionals cannot gain proper licensing without knowledge, there is a second piece to the puzzle. A certain level of experience is necessary to pave for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. It is possible to have loads of knowledge and minimal experience.

Certainly, companies cannot gain experience without providing the chance, but when you are hoping to pave a brand-new parking lot – you will want to work with pavers that know what they are doing and have experience doing it.

Most paving businesses should have a portfolio and photos of their work on their website and additional documentation for potential clients. While scoping out possible paving companies, ask to see some of their work so you can review projects they have previously worked on that are similar to what you will require. This should give you a good idea of what kind of product you will receive and can better inform your decision.

Research & Review

You can continue digging now that you have passed the essential requirements for local paving potentials. The good thing about living in the 21st century is that you have the entire world and all the information you need right at your fingertips.

The Internet can provide just about everything you need regarding research. You can Google just about any paving business in your area and gain access to their website and reviews.

You can access reviews from previous customers using well-known local business review websites, offering a ton of perspective. There is always a chance to dig deeper using more formal assessments from the Better Business Bureau or local government agencies. Doing this research will help you highlight questions or areas of concern and establish a solid list of pros and cons.

Pricing, Scheduling & Discounts

Budgeting is vital for any kind of home improvement project, and working with professionals can help you manage and set a realistic forecast concerning pricing. While looking for an affordable paver is reasonable, you shouldn’t necessarily look for the lowest price.

People have said – you will get what you are willing to pay for, for a reason. Discussing pricing, possible scheduling, discounts, and any details about the project should help to provide the final facts you need to help inform your choice.


Schedule a Consultation to Review the Project

Meeting with a local paving company and scheduling your consultation is the most tangible and realistic way to retrieve the complete picture. This allows you to present your project, budget, timeline, and anything specific you require for the process.

It also enables the pavers to demonstrate and represent themselves as a business, explain what they can do for you, provide examples of past work, licensing, and insurance, and answer any questions you may have.

NVN Paving in Elmwood Park, NJ, supplies elite paving service options and simple solutions for repairs, maintenance, seal coating, and installation. NVN offers a free estimate and consultation for all paving projects, whether you are interested in a new asphalt driveway or significant repairs for your business’s current parking lot.

Remaining vigilant as a consumer is critical, but it is okay to be vulnerable and open up to the possibilities ahead of you and any asphalt paving project you hope to complete.