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Parenting is a very difficult task and it is very much difficult to follow when it’s your kid’s first birthday. It’s the first and the last moment in parent life. It fills the excitement and joy in parent life. They try every possible thing to make their kid’s first birthday memorable. Every parent suffers from what type of activities, what type of decoration, what type of 1st Birthday Party Ideas you should follow to celebrate the baby’s first birthday. We have found you the ultimate and budget-friendly celebration ideas that won’t eat your budget. Though the party is price friendly it keeps the party spirits on until the party ends.

1. Your Child’s Dress

Your child must look adorable and cute and that’s why your first vision should be her/his dress. The attire of the baby reflects the charm of the party. Your child’s dress must match the theme of the party. IF you have found doremon or any cartoon theme your kid’s dress must match with the color scheme of the party. You can also embroider a prince or princess-like message on the dress to be them the center of attraction.

2. The Birthday Cake

The second most important ingredient in the party is the cake. Everyone who comes to the party keeps their eyes on the designer cakes. If you have followed a certain theme your cake must match that party theme. For example, it’s a princess theme and the designer barbie cake absolutely match. If a party is following any cartoon or superhero scheme, buy cake online and customize it with the same scheme. Photo cake, cartoon cake, character cake, three-tier cake, there are too many varieties in cakes to help you find the right cake for your kid.

3. Keep Celebrations Short

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It’s a kid party so most small kids are invited in the party. It becomes very hard for all the parents to keep the little guests busy. Your kid might get scared if he/she will find too much crowd. So it is my kind request to keep the celebration as short as possible. Invite the guests and then cut the cake, serve the food and then say goodbye with thank you gifts.

4. Fill It up With Balloons

If you have no more party supplies fill up the cake backdrop and entryway with lots of balloons at a time. Balloons are easily available and they come at affordable rates too. Gold foil happy birthday balloon will gleam up the party space. You can buy a happy birthday or photo balloons to entertain the kids. It will keep entertaining the little guests for sure.

5. Host a Fancy Dinner at Home

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If you have planned a family party I suggest hosting a fancy dinner party at home. It is good to let your kid know his/her family members. This way kids have the time to play and enjoy with family members. Host a small cake party so the guests can enjoy the celebration time. Then host a dinner party at the favorite restaurant or order fancy food from a favorite restaurant for home delivery. Now it’s your favorite kid and you are not able to attend the party, you can select the Birthday Gift Delivery USA to order and send the gift USA.

6. Choose Theme

If you throw a party for your child’s First Birthday then you must select according to. If your child is a girl then you choose themes like princess theme, mermaid theme, magical, and many more themes are available. If your child is Boy then you choose the Space theme, Soccer theme, Transportations theme any many amazing themes are available on the internet nowadays.

And you can say if a child is twins then what? So, do not worry there are some themes you can choose for your twins’ girl and boy. Choose a movie theme, circus theme, monochromatic theme, and many more you should try for your child on their first birthday. You can give them a gift by ordering online from There are many gift ideas available and get a discount on any products.

7. Spa Day

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Yes, you can give her a special treatment before the party by giving your baby a special spa. Pamper your baby with a natural bath bomb; give your baby a head, neck, and leg massage of special oil made for a baby. Also, make a special bubbly bath that your kid can enjoy. Also, give them a nail cut, hair cut, and face massage to give your baby a calming and soothing feel on a special day.

8. Frame Bab’s First Year Photos

Yes, it is very much important for preserving the special memories for the baby. Schedule a special photoshoot. There you have to call the photographer to capture the special moment. You can take your baby to a special place to capture the special moment of the baby’s first birthday. This is going to be the biggest memory that can be saved to cherish the memory for the growing baby.

9. Milk and Cookie Party

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It is a special scheme made to attract little guests. The milk and cookies party has all types of flavored milk and delicious cookies to enjoy eating time. You can also decorate the cake with lots of rainbow cookies. You have to prepare different flavored smoothies and milkshakes to make the most affordable food for the party time. Milk and cookies are the heavenly combinations that every kid would love to finish happily.

So here are some important tips on how to make your kids’ first birthday celebration the most happening moment of life. The first birthday is the lifetime memory and it’s a big responsibility on parent heads to make it the versatile day of baby’s life. We have tried our best to give value to parent feelings and provide you the best celebration activities. Hope so you like this article and share it with others too.