The 7 Most Hilariously Disturbing Websites for Kids

Back in the day, kids didn’t have many options when looking for a good scare: either you waited for Halloween or snuck into an R rated film. Nowadays, kids aren’t even safe on web pages intended for children.

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When you get to be a big enough celebrity, you’re often asked to endorse things. Sometimes they make sense, like when Michael Jordan tries to sell you overpriced sneakers, or Paris Hilton makes a commercial for herpes. Wait, no, sorry, she actually endorsed cheeseburgers. Serves us right to make assumptions without paying attention to what the ad was selling. Anyway, some celebrity endorsements, l

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1. Too much of a good thing - Water IntoxicationIn June of 2007 Jennifer Lea Strange joined a short list of people who drank themselves to death with water

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