5 Accidental Discoveries

It’s better to be lucky than good. At least, it was for these people who stumbled upon the invention that made them famous enough to be included in stupid internet list articles.

5 Athletes Who Died Performing

Nobody wants to die. But since you have to, you probably want to die doing what you love. These athletes did, and we salute them.

Six Blown Sports Calls

Sports fans are a passionate bunch. The can fondly recall in vivid detail all of their favorite team’s most glorious moments… and are usually even better at remember calls that should have gone their way.

4 Strangest Descriptions of Aliens

Aliens. The word brings to mind little green men in flying saucers, but if you ask the kooks that claim to see them, you’ll often get quite a different description…

6 Soul Crushing Classic Television Theme Show Songs

TV themes in the 2000’s mostly consist of instrumentals. The 90’s had lighthearted pop or short jingles. But back in the day, TV execs funneled all the horror and pain they weren’t allowed to make characters endure right into those opening credits…

6 Reasons Continuity Destroys Superhero Universes

In desperate need of a way to kill an afternoon or longer? Ask your nearest comic book nerd to explain the various continuities of his favorite character’s universe. Sound like fun? Well there’s a good reason for that.

5 More People That Make Our Commute Suck

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the only thing standing in the way of successful public transportation is the public.

7 Most Brutal Knockouts in Boxing History

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The 7 Most Frivolous Street Fighter Characters

There are many beloved characters from beloved video game franchises that transcend their original incarnation and take on a life of their own. These aren’t them.

Actors Who Are Absolutely Necessary in the New Star Wars Trilogy

When the announcement was made that Star Wars would be making sequels, the cry came out wondering whether we would see Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie