10 Unexpected Side Gigs of Famous People

Believe it or not, celebrities tend to have a lot of downtime when they aren’t recording an album or shooting a movie. Sure, it can be grueling to work on a TV show for several months in a row, but what happens when you don’t have another gig lined up? You work on hobbies and, if necessary, you find a second job to occupy your time. Some second jobs are a little more surprising than others, of cou

8 Intriguing Questions TV Shows Never Answered

Great television shows often raise a lot of questions as part of creating their own mythologies and plotlines, and we as an audience are rewarded with hopefully satisfying answers if we stick around long enough to find them out. Unfortunately in some cases, shows are canceled before they are given a chance to answer some of those intriguing questions, and in other cases, apparently the writers eit

10 Movie Remakes No One Actually Wants

Hollywood has been running out of ideas for a long time, and in fact probably a lot longer than you even realize. Remakes are not exactly a new idea, either, since Hollywood will take something that either worked or should have worked and then churn out another attempt at it. Some remakes are justified, but others? Well, others are just baffling, because we can’t come close to figuring out who act

5 Things Teachers Lied to You About Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is famous as the man who discovered the New World, better known today as North America. While it’s been established that some of the things you were taught in elementary school about the man were exaggerated a bit, there remain numerous details about the man and his life that you probably never realized were altered, skewed, or altogether fabricated. We suppose the best lesson

8 Peculiar and Off the Wall How-To Books

It’s not a big mystery as to why there’s a market for how-to books. People want to educate and better themselves, and learn useful skills that will either help them get ahead in life or simply serve to further a fun hobby. However, not all how-to books are created equal. Some are so utterly bizarre that it’s amazing they were ever written in the first place. In some cases, it’s just a strange choi

5 Diabolical Roman Kings (And How Karma Screwed Them All Over)

Before Rome was a republic, it was basically a group of cities dominated by someone who had enough balls to call himself ruler of them. We say that they needed

10 Female Video Game Characters Who Are More Than Just Eye Candy

When it comes to video games, it's still a man's world. Anyone with an XBox Live account can tell you how women are treated. Still there are a few indications that times are changing...

7 Common Myths About the Middle Ages

It’s one of the better documented parts of European history, yet much of what we know about the Middle Ages isn’t true at all.

10 Examples of Bad Video Game Box Art

Box art, like album covers, is a dying breed. Originally hand drawn art reigned supreme but better graphics and digital distribution have all but killed off the awesome and occasionally terrible covers of yesteryear.

9 Awesome Things Built by Prisoners

If you were stuck in a small room 23 hours a day, you’d probably look for something to do. Maybe you’d work out, maybe you’d find religion, or maybe you’d spend your time building some pretty awesome stuff…