9 of the Biggest Sport Cheats in History

Cheating in games has been a problem since the inception of, well, games, but some people cheated in such spectacular or brazen ways that they rise above the lowest of the low. Here are nine such examples.

15 Athletes Who Would Thrive in the Zombie Apocalypse

Most of us have given thought about what we’d do if we were stuck in the zombie apocalypse. If you’re anything like us, you map out an escape route wherever you go no matter how insane that might sound to anyone you actually tell that little detail to, but those guys won’t be laughing when the zombies come and you’re the only one with an actual plan.

5 Athletes Who Died Performing

Nobody wants to die. But since you have to, you probably want to die doing what you love. These athletes did, and we salute them.

Six Blown Sports Calls

Sports fans are a passionate bunch. The can fondly recall in vivid detail all of their favorite team’s most glorious moments… and are usually even better at remember calls that should have gone their way.

7 Most Brutal Knockouts in Boxing History

Get ready to rumble. We’re taking you, blow-by-blow, on a journey back through history’s hardest knockouts. Remember to stick and move.

Five Ancient Sports

While debate rages about concussions and other injuries sustained by athletes, we can all agree that we’ve come a long way in reducing the number of deaths, beheadings and mauling in the majors compared to sports like these…

4 Most Unfortunate Motorsport Races

While many fans deny it, the appeal of auto racing is often in the ever-present danger of a fiery crash. We all know the drivers and spectators alike can be easily killed; after all, it’s been happening for over a hundred years.

5 Athletes Who Died Performing

Sports commentators are found of war analogies, likening men passing around an inflatable orange ball to the warriors of old. But sometimes their fancy words prove more true than they expect…

7 Strangest Gimmick Matches in Professional Wrestling

Professional Wrestling may have its detractors, but it’s been a consistently popular form of entertainment for decades. In an effort to keep the formula fresh, and the audience from realizing it might be a little staged, they’ve been will to attempt some bizarre stuff.

4 Massive Sports Riots

Americans might make fun soccer players penchant for embellished wussiness, but they know better than to do it where their far more badass, riot happy fans can hear them.