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Say what you will about the declining quality of modern cinema and narrative: there’s nothing sweeter than seeing an asshole get their comeuppance. And man, did films of the 1980’s produce some assholes that deserved it.

13 Dystopian Movies to Watch Now That Hunger Games Is Over

Well, The Hunger Games franchise had a good run. The wildly successful series, which will almost certainly clock in at around $3 billion worldwide between all four movies, has come and gone and for a lot of people who love post-apocalyptic stories, they aren’t exactly sure where to look. Yeah, some people are getting their dystopian fix by playing Fallout 4 but ultra-violent video games aren’t for

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The Guinness Book of World Records was created to end arguments in pubs. Internet lists ranking characters from TV shows were created to start them. Dexter fans: discuss.

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These are some of the most misheard lyrics from couple of the most famous artists.1.1. “Purple Haze” by Jimi HendrixThis song is one of the most

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Every so often, even us macho writers at WeirdWorm have to acknowledge that there’s more to life than terrifying drug side-effects, racist robots and boobs.