Five Famous Philanthropists (Who Built Their Fortunes Unethically)

“Behind every great fortune there is a great crime” – attributed to Honoré de Balzac America has long been a storied place of opportunity, where the

10 Movie Remakes No One Actually Wants

Hollywood has been running out of ideas for a long time, and in fact probably a lot longer than you even realize. Remakes are not exactly a new idea, either, since Hollywood will take something that either worked or should have worked and then churn out another attempt at it. Some remakes are justified, but others? Well, others are just baffling, because we can’t come close to figuring out who act

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The X-Men universe is filled with awesome and cool mutants. They range from the ultimate bad?*s, Wolverine, to the all powerful Magneto (seriously, do you know

5 Ridiculous Cases of Movie Director Egotism

It shouldn’t really come as a shock that some movie directors have gigantic egos. Or, in some cases, Titanic egos. After all, these are some of the most

The Seven Greatest Embarrassing Early Movie Roles

Actors are like everybody else; they all started at the bottom and had to work their way up. Except for most people this means sorting letters in the mail room

Having a Cup of Coffee With Coffee Artist Karen Eland

Meet Karen[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Karen Eland"][/caption]Karen has been a creator since childhood, but a portrait class at

The 9 Stupidest Lanterns

For the longest time, there was only one kind of Lantern in the DC Universe, green. Then, they added an evil one, the Sinestro Corps. Then they added a Blue

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We all love losing ourselves in the movies, and often wish the stories would continue so we could find out what happened to our favorite characters. Sometimes

5 Unintentionally Racist Casting Decisions

Let’s just get something straight: like it or not, racism has never exactly been a stranger to cinema. Why do you think there have only been four black men to

20 Awesome Facts About Star Wars

People are getting excited about the new Star Wars movie that’s due to come out next year, and rightfully so. Even with the missteps that were the prequels, it remains one of the great modern American stories of all-time. Sure, it was highly derivative and didn’t always feature the best writing in the world, but as far as good versus evil goes, when it comes to the world of film it just doesn’t ge