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Television spinoffs are always hit or miss, and more often than not are big misses. There have been a lot of terrible spinoffs over the years, and even the most successful spinoffs are so great because they bear such a strong connection to the original show that, at least to an extent, a sentimental connection convinces fans to watch from the jump. However, some spinoffs are hardly recognizable as

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People are getting excited about the new Star Wars movie that’s due to come out next year, and rightfully so. Even with the missteps that were the prequels, it remains one of the great modern American stories of all-time. Sure, it was highly derivative and didn’t always feature the best writing in the world, but as far as good versus evil goes, when it comes to the world of film it just doesn’t ge

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Everyone loves Weird Al Yankovic, unless they don’t have souls. Regardless of opinion, most people think of him as a gentle and goofy writer of silly