10 Weird Almost Nations

Got a problem with your country? Why not form one of your very own, with laws you choose yourself?A micronation is a tiny, self-proclaimed sovereign state.

4 Famously Rigged Elections

Democracy is totally rad and everything, but sometimes it just gets in the way of total power. That's when the folks in charge decided to rig an election. What

10 of the Most Shockingly Embarrassing Presidential Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. But when you're vying for the highest office in the land (or after you're already in office) you should try that much harder not to look foolish. The following list captures some of the most embarrassing moments in the careers of presidents and would-be presidents alike.

5 Weird Political Parties

For as long as there have been political parties there have been joke political parties that poke fun at democracy with silly policies and insane promises. Most

10 of the Most Offensive Things Donald Trump Has Ever Said

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is all over the media. And as Republicans battle it out for the Presidential nomination, Trump continues to court controversy with his complete lack of a filter. Below is but a small sampling of some of his crazier quotes.

5 Great Fictional US Presidents

Everyone can name the current US president. Most can name the one before that… and probably the one before that… and it’s around that point that most people have an easier time remembering dudes who played the president on TV or in the movies than the guys who actually held the office.

Five Big Myths About the US Constitution

We the People of the United States, in Ordering a more perfect burger… or something. Frankly, very few people actually know what the constitution says, which is why so much bullshit hangs around about the document.

Top 3 Fines The SA Government Has Increased

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6 Ways to Acquire a US Visa for Immigrants

Acquiring a U.S. visa for foreign nationals who intend to enter and stay in the country for good is quite...
Sarah Palin

The Rise of Sarah Palin

In the annals of American politics, few figures have elicited as much fascination, controversy, and intrigue as Sarah Palin. Born...