Weekly Links #13

1. 40 Brilliant and Creative Examples of Toy Photography2. Nasty Barbie3. Innovative coasters4. Training for a po*n star5. Sibling Of Famous

10 Weird Cigarette Lighters

Cigarettes and cigarette lighters have been a part of American and world culture for decades. So it is understandable that something this big to society would

5 Types of Tattoos You’ll Learn to Regret

Since man first learned to mark his body, mankind has taken place in contest to find the most bitchin' tattoo possible and scar themselves with it for the rest

Weird Jewelry Pieces

Every girl likes a piece of jewelry that makes a statement. Whether you choose to make a statement about who you are or you tend to accentuate your weirder

Weekly Links #12

1. Souvenirs in the cityThe smallest dinosaur in the world has been discovered. After many years of research the name of the dinosaur has been

7 Weird Hotels

Whenever you take a business trip or vacation you need to find a good hotel to stay in. Most people prefer to find regular lodging, but after awhile the

10 Most Bizarre Cigarette Packages

With so many different types of cigarettes in the world it can sometimes take a lot to stand out from the crowd but these cigarette packages do it in

Weekly Links #11

1. "Gay" notes of Stalin on the celebs reproductionsThis site will depict a story about a fleece flower. In China, this root was found to take

Bizarre Christmas Decorations

Christmas is the time when people choose to celebrate their love of the holiday and their own personality by decorating the inside and the outside of their

Weekly Links #10

1. He must be using anti-aging face creamThis story is about a British scientist that has created the world’s smallest snowman, but not out