10 Things to Know About Torture (Infographic)

From primitive weight devices that literally squish you to death to 'modern' techniques such as water boarding, torture has a long dark history. This

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From “Gladiator” to “Pirates of the Caribbean,” cinema is obsessed with the idea of a time before guns, when you were required to kill your enemy face

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Weekly Links #12

1. Souvenirs in the cityThe smallest dinosaur in the world has been discovered. After many years of research the name of the dinosaur has been

WormCast Ep01 – Weird Wills

The thought of mortality has crossed everyone’s mind around the time they turned past 28 and suddenly realized that maybe, just maybe, they are not awesome

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1. "Gay" notes of Stalin on the celebs reproductionsThis site will depict a story about a fleece flower. In China, this root was found to take

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1. Weird Guitars2. Where Are The Floppy Disks? – Nick Gentry3. Dragons Exist?4. You Don’t Like Overweight Girls? Think Again! 5.

5 MORE Popular Nerd Arguments – Because 10 Wasn’t Enough

On the messageboards, the forums, the IRC channels of the land a never-ending war rages on. Manchildren type their fingers to the bone, bringing pwnage to all who dare question the absolute truth of their scifi knowledge…