Who Are the Sexual Predators? (Inforgaphic)

With hundreds of thousand of registered sexual offenders in the United States, it is no wonder that this serious crime has the public worried about just who

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6 Weird Transportation Methods

Driving your car around town is pretty tedious, walking takes forever to get anywhere, biking or skateboarding makes anyone who isn’t a teenager look weird

5 MORE Popular Nerd Arguments – Because 10 Wasn’t Enough

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Weekly Links #13

1. 40 Brilliant and Creative Examples of Toy Photography2. Nasty Barbie3. Innovative coasters4. Training for a po*n star5. Sibling Of Famous

9 Most Insane Disguises Ever Used

Forget Ski-masks or pantyhose. Sure, they conceal your identity, but ask yourself this, “Are they fun?”1.Robber Pretends to be WallRobert Coulson

Weekly Weird News 03-12-2010

Welcome to the newest installment of Weekly Weird News! This week we have angry sex nurses, Monopoly drug busts and church pornography! It's a debauchery triple