10 Weird Product Placement

Product placement, sometimes called “embedded marketing”, is a form of advertising where an ad is placed somewhere that is usually devoid of ads, often

10 Weird Sunglasses

Every person out there likes a pair of sunglasses, whether prescription or otherwise. They protect your eyes from the sun and can even conceal your identity.

Five Myths About Ninjas

If there's a warrior more common in popular culture than the ninja, we've got a hard time thinking of them. Maybe the pirate, but you couldn't pay us to open

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Everyone likes a comfortable pair of underwear, but there are some designs that are just bizarre. Now, whether or not you choose to show off your bizarre

The 8 Most Insane Trademark Lawsuits

We live in an extremely litigious society, but when companies are pushing lawsuits this zany, the only ones who win are the lawyers.

5 Losses at Sea That We Will Probably Never Know the Cause Of

Investigators use sophisticated technology, meticulous record keeping and prompt response times to make sense of crime scenes. Their job is much more difficult when the scene is at the bottom of the sea.

Weekly Links #10

1. He must be using anti-aging face creamThis story is about a British scientist that has created the world’s smallest snowman, but not out

9 Most Insane Disguises Ever Used

Forget Ski-masks or pantyhose. Sure, they conceal your identity, but ask yourself this, “Are they fun?”1.Robber Pretends to be WallRobert Coulson

The Six Stages of Inspiration

Not all of us are the creative types. There are those who paint or compose music or prose… and then there are those who create list based articles on the internet about creativity. Maybe you should be one of those that read those articles.

4 Things People Refuse to Believe Aren’t Real

When you’re growing up, it’s fun to play make believe. You can be anything you want, and the world is open to limitless possibilities. But eventually, you