Becoming a Psychic in 6 Easy Steps

So, you are broke again. Getting a real job is out as it seriously eats into your sleeping and gaming time and, lets face it, work is hard, mostly pointless,

The 7 Best Google Hoaxes (That You Wish Were Real)

Google likes to celebrate every holiday in some way. Usually they do so by manipulating the Google logo on their homepage. But when April 1st rolls around

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Are you having a crisis of faith? Bored with the same old gods telling you to live well and love your neighbor? Would you like to worship a deity not because he

6 Badass Gods From Mythology

Forget love and forgiveness, when it comes to the almighty ancient people knew that the best gods were the ones to be feared.

Weekly Weird News 03-20-2010

This week on Weekly Weird News: really bad dentists, public urination and a baby dressed like Hitler! Oh boy!1.Man Urinates on Women at Bus StopA man in

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In the brave new world of the Internet, brilliant ideas come into being all the time. Websites become added to our virtual toolbelt, giving us easy access to

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Every charity has the relentless problem of money. How to spend it? How to use it? And most importantly, how to get more of it, because there never seems to be

Weekly Links #10

1. He must be using anti-aging face creamThis story is about a British scientist that has created the world’s smallest snowman, but not out

10 Weird Chandeliers

When you buy a new home, you always want to add your own flair to it. Sometimes, just changing the paint color can change a room completely. There are other