8 Famous Characters That Were Originally Played by Other Actors

Movie roles are recast pretty frequently. It’s just part of the business, with someone not pulling their weight on the set, or the director deciding they aren’t right for the part, or even the actor just deciding the project isn’t something they’re really passionate about. But it’s pretty rare that iconic roles wind up being recast, with a few notable exceptions. Here are some of those incredibly

4 Star Wars Plot Twists Ruined for Future Generations by the Prequels

What’s that? You can’t possibly create another internet article about Star Wars you say? Well just wait until your grandchildren hear about this!

6 Crazy Star Wars Prequel Internet Theories

Star Trek talk? On my internet? It’s exactly as likely as you think.

5 Controversies Too Dumb to Be Outraged About

People love to be outraged; it’s a simple fact of life. Outrage makes us feel powerful, like we actually have something important to say, as opposed to what

8 Most Insane Movie Conspiracies Only Adults Will Understand

Just like a novel or a story, every film sends a powerful message to the public. The message is often quite clear, although there are times when you need to brood upon the movie for a while in order to get it completely. However, as films include an incredible number of details, there is so much more to them than just the plot and message. Namely, some theorists observe every single detail, trying

5 TV Shows You Didn’t Realize Were Spinoffs

Television spinoffs are always hit or miss, and more often than not are big misses. There have been a lot of terrible spinoffs over the years, and even the most successful spinoffs are so great because they bear such a strong connection to the original show that, at least to an extent, a sentimental connection convinces fans to watch from the jump. However, some spinoffs are hardly recognizable as

TV Show Crossovers 7 Bizarre and Unexpected Causes

Television crossovers are not exactly new, and typically come during sweeps week and are advertised as big “events” to try to draw big ratings. It’s not out of the ordinary for, say, Ray Romano to crossover onto King of Queens since they’re made by the same people, and the characters clearly exist in the same world. However, now and then you get some television crossovers that are so out of nowher

8 Reality Television Secrets Networks Won’t Tell You About

One of the most popular genres on television these days is reality TV. Reality shows are everywhere, and have been huge starting with The Real World and especially since Survivor and American Idol first hit the airwaves. Of course not much of what happens on reality TV, believe it or not, is actually, you know, real.

7 Great Movies You’ll Probably Never See

We always talk about how there’s so little originality in Hollywood, with everything coming out seemingly a sequel, a remake, a reboot, or based on some other existing property. But there are original ideas floating around Hollywood, and they are ideas that would make for terrific films. The trouble is that, for whatever reason, they can never seem to get past the script stage. Here are some of th

8 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Movie Sex Scenes

A well placed and filmed sex scene can enhance a film, particularly if it helps serve the story and isn’t a gratuitous attempt to get a little nudity into the running time. However, it’s amazing how badly anyone outside of the adult film industry can get these scenes so horribly, horribly wrong. It feels like more often than not, movie sex scenes just make the audience uneasy and wishing they were