7 Books That Should Would Make Great TV Shows

With the return of the immensely successful and wildly popular Game of Thrones, it’s only natural to look at the bookshelf and imagine what books may have a chance to rival the success that George R.R. Martin’s series has achieved on HBO. Obviously not every book would make for a great show, and some would make better movies, but there are some stories that are just so epic and grand in scale that

8 Completely Off the Wall Zombie Movies

First things first, let’s not pretend that zombie movies are ever going to be exactly “normal.” After all, we’re talking about movies that center on the conceit that the dead will return to life and start feasting on living human flesh. It’s not a particularly normal idea, despite how prevalent it has become over the years. But even in the genre of zombie movies, there are some that, amazingly, ma

8 Famous Movie Quotes No One Ever Gets Right

We’re living in a culture where half of what we say seems to come from television or the movies. At some points it feels like there are precious few original thoughts being delivered in every day conversation, and quoting movies promotes a sort of kinship, and an inside joke with other people who are thinking to themselves, “Yes, I, too, have seen and enjoy that movie.” It’s just a shame that when

8 Movies That Should Actually Be Remade

At this point in time it feels like everything that winds up in the movie theater is a remake, a sequel, or an adaptation. So of course we couldn’t possibly really think there’s any good reason to ask for even more remakes, right? Wrong. If you ask us, one of the problems with Hollywood’s love of remaking movies is that, almost without fail, they simply pick the wrong movies to remake. Here are so

8 Kid’s Shows Which Are Mind-Numbing for Parents

Some parents plant their children in front of TVs so long, by the time Child Services arrives the kids can already recite the words to 500 different theme songs. Other parents go the opposite extreme and banish TVs from their homes as if it was a demonic portal to a poltergeist realm. We tend to think a few hours of TV a day is reasonable as long as whatever they watch is kid-friendly and educatio

8 Awful Comic Book Movies They’re Hoping You’ve Forgotten

With summer coming up, we’re about to see an influx of superhero movies, as the likes of Captain America and Spider-Man have become the biggest box office draws among summer blockbusters these days. Of course, that wasn’t always the case. In fact it wasn’t all that long ago when comic book movies were box office poison, with a rare exception like Tim Burton’s Batman back in 1989. But just because

9 Iconic Movie Lines You Probably Didn’t Know Were Improvised

One of the things that set a good movie apart from a great one is the screenplay. A well written movie has crackling dialogue and an intriguing plot, and you find yourself quoting your favorite moments over and over as those fantastic lines become a part of the pop culture lexicon. However, sometimes those famous lines aren’t in the screenplay at all. Instead, they were spur of the moment lines th

8 Movies With TV Spinoffs You Didn’t Know Existed

Now and then, a movie will come along that makes people want to see even more of the story behind the characters and settings, and some intrepid young combination of producers and writers will turn it into a television series. Of course, it’s typically less successful than you might hope, and in most cases it becomes an all-out disaster. Here are some of the worst TV spinoffs of popular movies eve

10 Crossovers That Connect Most of the Television Universe

Crossover episodes are nothing new. Some are done as part of sweeps week, some are done in an attempt to boost ratings, but what the people writing these episodes probably don’t realize is that they’re helping to connect the entire television universe. Over the years, people including a comic book and television writer named Dwayne McDuffie, have spent far too much time finding the links between s

9 TV Characters That Just Vanished

When television shows are in their early seasons, with a few exceptions they’re just trying to find their footing. They go through focus groups and get a ton of network feedback, so obviously some changes are going to be made here and there. But once in a while those changes involve suddenly jettisoning seemingly important characters, and then those characters are absolutely never mentioned again.