The Ten Movies With Forgotten Sequels

Sequels are one of the facts of life in Hollywood, just like gay actors pretending to be straight, executives ruining everything, and Michael Bay being a hugely

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Bigger budgets allow directors more freedom to explore their vision and bring stories to life. Alternatively, necessity breeds creativity. Here’s 6 directors who should have focused on the latter.

12 Facts and Rumors About Star Wars: the Force Awakens

You may have heard that there’s some little, small-budget film called The Force Awakens coming out soon. The highly anticipated follow up to the original Star Wars trilogy has people buzzing all over the internet, as they look for any clues and hints about what the newest installment has to offer, while crossing their fingers it won’t be nearly the letdown The Phantom Menace was.

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10 Shameless Movie Sequels You Never Knew Existed

These days, it feels like movie reboots and, more commonly, sequels are pretty much all we ever see in at the movie theater. Hollywood is so bereft of original ideas that a studio will just decide to take an idea that has proven successful and crap out additional iterations of what basically amounts to the same story over, and over, and over. Of course, some sequels are even more absurd than other

The 10 Most Pointlessly Evil Movie Bad Guys

Done right, a movie’s antagonist can be its highlight. Some villains are so well written and portrayed that they elevate the movie to new heights. And some have their motivations so poorly explained that they just piss you off. These are the latter.

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Four Big Divisions in Movie Monster Portrayals

If you’re like us (and by you’re reading this, you forfeit any claims of individuality), you enjoy a good horror flick. Also, you think that one of the

9 Iconic Movie Lines You Probably Didn’t Know Were Improvised

One of the things that set a good movie apart from a great one is the screenplay. A well written movie has crackling dialogue and an intriguing plot, and you find yourself quoting your favorite moments over and over as those fantastic lines become a part of the pop culture lexicon. However, sometimes those famous lines aren’t in the screenplay at all. Instead, they were spur of the moment lines th