8 Awful Comic Book Movies They’re Hoping You’ve Forgotten

With summer coming up, we’re about to see an influx of superhero movies, as the likes of Captain America and Spider-Man have become the biggest box office draws among summer blockbusters these days. Of course, that wasn’t always the case. In fact it wasn’t all that long ago when comic book movies were box office poison, with a rare exception like Tim Burton’s Batman back in 1989. But just because

6 Awesome Movie Sidekicks

The quality of the hero is what makes a movie good. The quality of the villain is what makes it great. But what makes it really, truly, awesome? Sidekicks, of course.

7 Great Movies You’ll Probably Never See

We always talk about how there’s so little originality in Hollywood, with everything coming out seemingly a sequel, a remake, a reboot, or based on some other existing property. But there are original ideas floating around Hollywood, and they are ideas that would make for terrific films. The trouble is that, for whatever reason, they can never seem to get past the script stage. Here are some of th

6 Crazy Star Wars Prequel Internet Theories

Star Trek talk? On my internet? It’s exactly as likely as you think.

The Seven Greatest Embarrassing Early Movie Roles

Actors are like everybody else; they all started at the bottom and had to work their way up. Except for most people this means sorting letters in the mail room

8 Movies That Should Actually Be Remade

At this point in time it feels like everything that winds up in the movie theater is a remake, a sequel, or an adaptation. So of course we couldn’t possibly really think there’s any good reason to ask for even more remakes, right? Wrong. If you ask us, one of the problems with Hollywood’s love of remaking movies is that, almost without fail, they simply pick the wrong movies to remake. Here are so

4 Ways Star Wars and Harry Potter Are the Same

Upon close observation, an acute observer can find many striking (yes striking) similarities between the Star Wars universe and the Harry Potter universe. While

5 Movie Sequels Better Than the Original

We’d like to believe there is a balance that exists in the world, but this belief is seriously challenged. For every million movies made, we’re lucky to have a single one that surpasses the original.

The 10 Most Pointlessly Evil Movie Bad Guys

Done right, a movie’s antagonist can be its highlight. Some villains are so well written and portrayed that they elevate the movie to new heights. And some have their motivations so poorly explained that they just piss you off. These are the latter.

7 Books That Should Would Make Great TV Shows

With the return of the immensely successful and wildly popular Game of Thrones, it’s only natural to look at the bookshelf and imagine what books may have a chance to rival the success that George R.R. Martin’s series has achieved on HBO. Obviously not every book would make for a great show, and some would make better movies, but there are some stories that are just so epic and grand in scale that