5 Ways That Magic Is Portrayed in Fiction

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Luke Skywalker’s 6 Biggest FAILS

The most interesting heroes in films are often relatively flawed and make their fair share of mistakes. Much like in real life (where lightsabres and AT-AT’s

9 of the Coolest Movie Intros

It used to be that movies had captive audiences. They already had your money once you’d bought a ticket or rented it. Now with streaming services and a hundred other ways to consume media, they need to make sure they draw you in from the start. They need… an awesome introduction.

How to Fix Your Broken Movie Franchises

If you’re reading this then you’re likely just as big a movie geek as we are here at Weirdworm. In fact, if it weren’t for ridiculous responsibilities

5 Awesome Eyepatch Wearers in Pop Culture

Society tends to pity people with physical disabilities… but there are exceptions to every rule. While nobody would choose to be blind, having only half your vision is undeniably badass.

5 Movies You Might Not Know Were Remakes

Hollywood is so devoid of original ideas these days that it’s rare to see a flick hit the screen that wasn’t already a TV show, book, video game, action figure or amusement park ride. And when it’s not one of those, it’s probably just a remake, even if you hadn’t heard of the original…

6 Cool Mockumentaries You Should Totally Watch

The mockumentary genre exists today because at some point in history, a revolutionary filmmaker, probably known only as “jerkass” to his family and friends,

20 Awesome Facts About Star Wars

People are getting excited about the new Star Wars movie that’s due to come out next year, and rightfully so. Even with the missteps that were the prequels, it remains one of the great modern American stories of all-time. Sure, it was highly derivative and didn’t always feature the best writing in the world, but as far as good versus evil goes, when it comes to the world of film it just doesn’t ge

Four Star Wars Technologies We Almost Have

We are truly approaching a golden age. Not because of things like cancer treatments or drought resistant crops, but because soon we may be able to possess Star Wars stuff that extends beyond bedsheets and toys…

Six Ridiculous Fictional Races From Otherwise Good Franchises

Nothing is worse than defending your favorite franchise, trying to convince someone about the philosophical underpinnings and subtlety that make it great… only to have a ridiculous aspect, or entire race, thrown right in your face.