5 Actors You Didn’t Know Were Talented

As moviegoers and T.V. watchers, we all like to assume that everyone in Hollywood is talented. MTV has long since destroyed that notion and now the cynics among

TV Show Crossovers 7 Bizarre and Unexpected Causes

Television crossovers are not exactly new, and typically come during sweeps week and are advertised as big “events” to try to draw big ratings. It’s not out of the ordinary for, say, Ray Romano to crossover onto King of Queens since they’re made by the same people, and the characters clearly exist in the same world. However, now and then you get some television crossovers that are so out of nowher

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Film has always been a medium to challenge the status quo, and pushing boundaries has shaped the industry and our entire perception of the role of film.

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12 Facts and Rumors About Star Wars: the Force Awakens

You may have heard that there’s some little, small-budget film called The Force Awakens coming out soon. The highly anticipated follow up to the original Star Wars trilogy has people buzzing all over the internet, as they look for any clues and hints about what the newest installment has to offer, while crossing their fingers it won’t be nearly the letdown The Phantom Menace was.

4 Intriguing Questions TV Shows Never Answered

Great television shows often raise a lot of questions as part of creating their own mythologies and plotlines, and we as an audience are rewarded with hopefully satisfying answers if we stick around long enough to find them out. Unfortunately in some cases, shows are canceled before they are given a chance to answer some of those intriguing questions, and in other cases, apparently the writers eit

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Sequels are one of the facts of life in Hollywood, just like gay actors pretending to be straight, executives ruining everything, and Michael Bay being a hugely