5 Movie Franchises That Went on Way Too Long

Yeah, yeah we know what you’re thinking. Yet another article complaining about the over abundance of unnecessary sequels. Some may argue that no one is

5 Terrifying Things That Happened Behind the Scenes of Horror Movies

If horror movies are scary and terrifying, can you imagine how it must be to film them? You have to spend weeks on set all day, and the atmosphere and feeling of the scary movie can definitely mess with your head. Some movies are so scary that certain unnatural things happened during filming. Check out some of the most bizarre and terrifying things that happened behind the scenes of some famous ho

4 Actors Who Shouldn’t Have Come Back for the Threequel

The 3rd movie in a series is what turns a set of movies into a movie franchise, and signifies the ultimate attempt to squeeze every last drop of profit without

13 Classic Movies That Completely Bombed at the Box Office

You would think that when it comes to classic movies, people would immediately recognize their greatness and fully embrace it upon the film’s release into theaters. However, that’s actually not always the case, and in fact some of the best movies ever made struggled to initially find an audience during their theatrical runs. Eventually most of these movies make up for those box office losses with

13 Things You Didn’t Know About the Lord of the Rings Movies

The Lord of the Rings will go down as one of the greatest movie trilogies in history, and this year Peter Jackson’s follow-up trilogy The Hobbit will be coming to a close as well. The movies are tremendously detailed and, at least with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, incredibly faithful to the books. Obviously, there are some omissions and additions, but particularly with the extended editions, the

5 Iconic Characters That Were Almost Played by Different Actors

Sometimes a movie or television character is able to transcend the screen and become a part of pop culture history, thanks in part to the part being well written but also, more importantly, by casting directors knocking it out of the park and finding the perfect actor to bring the character to life. Of course when a film or show is being cast, there are many actors considered for the parts, and we

Dexter’s Big Bads: From Best to Worst

The Guinness Book of World Records was created to end arguments in pubs. Internet lists ranking characters from TV shows were created to start them. Dexter fans: discuss.

6 Weird Kiss Scenes From Movies

A kiss can be many things: polite, teasing, sexy, comforting… but sometimes, when they show up on the big screen, they’re just plain creepy.

4 Ridiculously Whiny TV Action Heroes

When we turn on a television show boasting thrills and action, well, that’s kind of what we expect to see. We yearn to witness butts being kicked, huge

9 TV Characters That Just Vanished

When television shows are in their early seasons, with a few exceptions they’re just trying to find their footing. They go through focus groups and get a ton of network feedback, so obviously some changes are going to be made here and there. But once in a while those changes involve suddenly jettisoning seemingly important characters, and then those characters are absolutely never mentioned again.