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4 Weird Broadway Musicals

Broadway continues to be the last refuge of the musical. Once a driving force in entertainment, musicals have lately been all but extinguished in the cinema. On

7 Best Indian Actresses that Actually Sing

Bollywood is a term created by the merging of the names of the cities of Bombay (today Mumbai) and Hollywood...

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Whether you have watched hundreds of Bollywood musicals or if you are completely unaware of Bollywood's existence, this is the...

6 Soul Crushing Classic Television Theme Show Songs

TV themes in the 2000’s mostly consist of instrumentals. The 90’s had lighthearted pop or short jingles. But back in the day, TV execs funneled all the horror and pain they weren’t allowed to make characters endure right into those opening credits…

5 Great Soundtracks Made for Horrible Movies

Film composers have a tough job. When they’re good at doing their job you might not even notice them because they’re so good at immersing you in the experience. And when the movie is complete crap, nobody is going to go see it just for the score... even if it kicks as much ass as these did.

8 Memorable Rock Songs From Movies

What makes a movie great? There are many factors that go into determining whether a given movie is deemed unforgettable or merely watchable by the general

7 Memorable Rap and Hip-Hop Songs From Movies

The music played in movie soundtracks tends to represent the times in which those movies are made. It's only in the last couple of decades that rap and hip-hop

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Most celebrities consider themselves artists, even though the vast majority of them are about as far from doing anything artistic as a monkey throwing feces at

The Groups of Fans Who Just Don’t Get It

We live in a world defined by the movies. The movies tell us how to act, how to feel, how to think, how to get arrested on public obscenity charges, completely

Album Synchronicity: a Guide to a Favorite Stoner Hobby

Stoners are always making innovative and unique discoveries. New ways to grow w**d, new ways to smoke w**d, new ways to conceal w**d… if it’s w**d-related,