Five Strange Relics of Christianity

Holy relics invoke images of knights and adventures exploring ancient ruins and lands in search of treasures. But Indiana Jones wouldn’t touch these five artifacts with a 30 foot whip.

5 Great Fictional US Presidents

Everyone can name the current US president. Most can name the one before that… and probably the one before that… and it’s around that point that most people have an easier time remembering dudes who played the president on TV or in the movies than the guys who actually held the office.

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Even if you’re not religious, you’re probably familiar with at least a few of the Christian saints. Everybody has heard of Saint Peter, and there are like,

10 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

1. The ReptoidsIf ex-BBC presenter turned conspiracy theorist and science fiction writer David Icke is to be believed, the world is run not by the

5 Common Misconceptions About the Bible

Like it or not, the Old and New Testament are ingrained in our culture. And like anything that resides in the cultural milieu, much of what you think you know is probably wrong.

9 Strange Easter Traditions

Easter is celebrated by most Christians as the day when Jesus was resurrected after being dead for three days. In the Jewish faith Easter represents the time

6 Most Mysterious Gold Artifacts

The great Christopher Columbus once claimed that a person who owned something made of gold actually possessed a substance which could help take souls to paradise. Since ancient times, gold was frequently given as a reward for great achievements and was known as a symbol of the divine, and a symbol of wealth and power. Various gold artifacts from the past are still a mystery to many researchers and

5 Journalists (Who Gave Everything for the Story)

The world of journalism is a tumultuous one, and journalists themselves are seen as something of a mixed bag. For every hard hitting Woodward or Bernstein

5 Types of Japanese Ghosts

Traditional Japanese beliefs state that every human being has a soul called reikon. After death, the reikon exits the body and enters a state of purgatory,