4 Leaders of Daring Rebellions

The great philosophers Twisted Sister one proclaimed “We’re not gonna take it… anymore!” That anti-authoritarian spirit can be found written across the pages of history, as these rebels can well attest.

6 Amazing Facts About Breasts

We men really do love breasts, especially big breasts: we talk about them, brag about touching them and apparently now write extensive comedy articles about

What Is Galvanized Steel Used For

Galvanized steel is a material with high resistance to rust. The metal sheet is covered with vintage zinc. It is...

Five Big Myths About the US Constitution

We the People of the United States, in Ordering a more perfect burger… or something. Frankly, very few people actually know what the constitution says, which is why so much bullshit hangs around about the document.

Weekly Links #5

1. Benjamin Button Monkey - Sad Ugly Monkey2. Costume Fails - Fail Photos3. Very strange baby costume - Photo Gallery4.

5 Haunted Places

Halloween is upon us once again. Personally, it is my favorite time of year. The fall weather, the kids dressing up and trick or treating, the ghost stories,

The 5 Dumbest Robbers Ever

In this age of recessions and bailouts and entire goddamn countries going bankrupt, it won’t surprise you to hear that people have less money than they used

5 Types of Japanese Ghosts

Traditional Japanese beliefs state that every human being has a soul called reikon. After death, the reikon exits the body and enters a state of purgatory,

10 Nonagenarians Who Broke World Records

Strange and amazing stories of personal triumpth can inspire many people. Despite their age, the people on this list were determined to accomplish their goal

5 Criminals Who Messed With the Wrong People

If you’re a stickler for the rules, enjoy this hand selected batch of ill-advised hoodlums receive some top-notch comeuppance.