Weekly Weird News 03-12-2010

Welcome to the newest installment of Weekly Weird News! This week we have angry sex nurses, Monopoly drug busts and church pornography! It's a debauchery triple

Weird Jewelry Pieces

Every girl likes a piece of jewelry that makes a statement. Whether you choose to make a statement about who you are or you tend to accentuate your weirder

Five Theoretically Awesome Attempts to Fly (That Failed)

When you really think about it, the ability to fly is pretty much the most mind blowing experience a human being can ever hope for. Think about it: you're

Ten Christmas Presents (Worse Than a Kick in the Stockings)

You may recall our tirade on the subject of sins against Halloween. It has come to our attention that while we were able to enrage some readers by bashing their

6 Strange Facts About Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? That's not a rhetorical question; we're asking because in our calculations, not liking chocolate is the first sign of being a

9 Strange Easter Traditions

Easter is celebrated by most Christians as the day when Jesus was resurrected after being dead for three days. In the Jewish faith Easter represents the time

10 Unusual Watches

Watches are meant to tell the time, but when you have a watch that is a little unusual then it can be a little harder to tell the time. It is just a matter of

Four Famous Generals (And Their Major Mistakes)

Pobody’s nerfect. And while little errors like that don’t mean squat in the scheme of things, the snafu’s committed by the gentlemen were a lot more costly.

“Facts” About Swords and Sword Fighting That Are Actually BS

From “Gladiator” to “Pirates of the Caribbean,” cinema is obsessed with the idea of a time before guns, when you were required to kill your enemy face

5 Legendary Duels

Ah, the good old days. Sure racism and sexism were everywhere… and people died all the time of diseases we have cures for… and there was no internet… but at least you could legally kill someone who pissed you off, if you were man enough to do it to his face.