6 Classic Hoax Images

Photography, the art of capturing a single moment of time forever, is at its best when it is being horribly abused by pranksters and no-goodnicks. Whether it's

5 MORE Popular Nerd Arguments – Because 10 Wasn’t Enough

On the messageboards, the forums, the IRC channels of the land a never-ending war rages on. Manchildren type their fingers to the bone, bringing pwnage to all who dare question the absolute truth of their scifi knowledge…

5 Famous People and the Inventions Everyone Forgets About

It has been said that "the history of the world is but the biography of great men". This is called the "Great Man theory" and we assume it's totally bogus,

5 More Least Likely Saviors From History

Human history is strewn about with “saviors”. Whether that says something negative about mankind needing that much saving or about our gullibility, we’d rather not speculate. Instead, let’s focus on the often bizarre places from which these self-proclaimed messiahs tend to pop up.

The 7 Best Google Hoaxes (That You Wish Were Real)

Google likes to celebrate every holiday in some way. Usually they do so by manipulating the Google logo on their homepage. But when April 1st rolls around

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Democracy is totally rad and everything, but sometimes it just gets in the way of total power. That's when the folks in charge decided to rig an election. What

4 Alternative Bibles

1.The Porn Star BibleOne of the primary teachings of Christianity is to love everybody. Forgiveness is key; because we are all born sinners none of us are

The Angel of Death and the Twins of Auschwitz

Josef Mengele was a Nazi scientist involved in their famous genetics program that had the task of creating a master race of Aryan people. The job for Mengele,

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Everyone enjoys a good amusement park. Whether you are the type of person to just walk around and observe the people having fun or you like to ride all the

7 Series of Unfortunate Events (That Caused Horrible Disasters)

We live in an increasingly more technologically focused world, with factories, power plants and breakfast cereals becoming more and more complex every day. As