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7 Most Bizarre Rituals on the Planet

Our world is full of many different cultures which have their own unique practices that you have probably never even heard of before. There are many bizarre rituals that have existed since ancient times, and some of them are quite shocking and even dangerous. Even though these rituals are quite harmful, some of them are still performed today. Take a look at some of the most bizarre rituals on the

5 People Who Got Rich From Garbage

Every year, more than two billion tons of garbage are dumped on a global level, and each person throws away approximately four pounds of trash per day. Even though the enormous amounts of waste are harmful to the people and the environment, some individuals have managed to see all that garbage as an opportunity to make a huge fortune. Check out some clever people who made a fortune from garbage.

7 Totally Absurd Food Contests From Around the Globe

When it comes to healthy eating and a good diet, everyone knows that moderation is the key. However, some food fans around the world have changed the boundaries of what we can eat in normal amounts. Competitive eating is almost like an extreme sport these days and you might not have known that various kinds of eating contests exist all around the world. Most of those food contests are likely to im

6 Common Foods That Are Actually Banned All Over the World

Keeping a healthy diet is extremely important for our health, and while we are often told that we should avoid various foods that could harm us, some foods are just too dangerous. That's why some countries around the world have decided to implement laws against these foods and make them illegal. The following 7 foods have been banned in certain countries, however, some foods on this list weren't b

5 Really Weird Phenomena That Only Happen in Winter

The majority of people consider winter as a dull and boring season when nothing interesting ever happens. In addition, the cold and freezing temperatures force us to stay at home and thus miss all the amazing events or occurrences that may take place. But, contrary to what many people believe, winter is not boring at all. In fact, if you only give it a chance, it may surprise you with some crazy a

7 Spooky Legends About Death Omens From Around the World

In a world inhabited by more than 7 billion people, it's quite normal and expected that different cultures have different traditions, as well as rituals. In line with this, they do not only have various beliefs and superstitions about life, but also certain legends related to death and its omens. Depending on the culture, some of the legends are quite eerie, while others are seemingly innocent. Ch

9 Secrets of the Real Illuminati You Are Not Meant to Know

Secret societies have been long drawing the attention of people, particularly conspiracy theorists; and of course, the Illuminati are no exception. The notorious secret society is often associated with various dark and evil things, ranging from causing wars and revolutions to the concept of the β€œNew World Order.” As the Illuminati operate in ultimate secrecy, not much information about their activ

10 Most Absurd EBay Auctions That Reached Even More Ridiculous Prices

Thanks to the Internet and online shopping websites like eBay, everyone has the opportunity to either earn some money by putting items they no longer need up for auction or to purchase quite interesting and uncommon things for an affordable amount of money. But, such sites have also enabled the sale of some rather unusual and simply bizarre stuff for unexpectedly high prices. Take a look at our li