18 Bizarre Phobias People Actually Have

It’s natural to be scared of things. After all, it’d be a little ludicrous to never get frightened, whether your fears revolve around sharks, snakes, spiders, death, or, most understandably of all, clowns. But even with the often very reasonable and understandable phobias out there, people have reportedly been terrified of the most peculiar and seemingly innocuous things imaginable over the years,

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Doctors and scientists will tell you the work they do is to benefit mankind. But occasionally their experiments cross a line when their research exists to satisfy their own goals, curiosity… or when the ends can’t justify the means.

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6 Bizarre Perception Syndromes

In general, syndromes aren't the kinds of things that you'd want to have. Just the word "syndrome" gives us the shudders. We think that it's especially uncool