Best Way To Apply For A Loan

Did you know that more than 20% of people looking for a loan don't research before applying for one? And...

6 Bizarre Stories From People Who Boarded a UFO

There are many stories about UFO sightings, and alien abductions and those stories roughly became really popular in the US and around the world around 1947. Many people are fascinated by the thought of extraterrestrial beings visiting our world in unusual flying objects and continue to look for a possible solution to disprove those mysteries. However, sometimes, you come across some really bizarre

7 Most Bizarre Rituals on the Planet

Our world is full of many different cultures which have their own unique practices that you have probably never even heard of before. There are many bizarre rituals that have existed since ancient times, and some of them are quite shocking and even dangerous. Even though these rituals are quite harmful, some of them are still performed today. Take a look at some of the most bizarre rituals on the

5 Strangest Stories About Real Exorcisms

For centuries, exorcism stories have terrified the public. Demonic possession can be creepy and dangerous, and over the years, some unexplainable and sinister cases have happened that sound made up, however, many priests and other witnesses were present during the exorcisms and their records and could be enough to confirm that demonic possessions are actually real. Here are some incredibly scary a

Unexpected Finds in the Canal Saint-Martin (Photos)

In January 2016 the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris was drained for the first time in fifteen years. What was found is shocking and paints a detailed picture of the sort of damage litter is doing to the planet.

18 Bizarre Phobias People Actually Have

It’s natural to be scared of things. After all, it’d be a little ludicrous to never get frightened, whether your fears revolve around sharks, snakes, spiders, death, or, most understandably of all, clowns. But even with the often very reasonable and understandable phobias out there, people have reportedly been terrified of the most peculiar and seemingly innocuous things imaginable over the years,

5 Accidental Discoveries

It’s better to be lucky than good. At least, it was for these people who stumbled upon the invention that made them famous enough to be included in stupid internet list articles.

5 Notorious Medical Experiments

Doctors and scientists will tell you the work they do is to benefit mankind. But occasionally their experiments cross a line when their research exists to satisfy their own goals, curiosity… or when the ends can’t justify the means.

4 Facts About Your Body (That Aren’t Even True)

The fact that we live in an age where there virtually all knowledge is at our fingertips… and yet bogus myths about our own bodies continue to persist…

5 Mysteries of the Brain

Prepare to have your mind blown as we examine the mysteries of perhaps the most important human organ…