7 Lamest Ripoffs of Popular Websites

In the brave new world of the Internet, brilliant ideas come into being all the time. Websites become added to our virtual toolbelt, giving us easy access to

Weekly Links #13

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6 Comic Book Movies That May Never Get Made

Comic book movies are all the rage. Actually, Hollywood is so desperate to avoid original ideas they’re using pretty much any story the comic world can churn out… but even they can drag their heels from time to time…

The 7 Most Hilariously Disturbing Websites for Kids

Back in the day, kids didn’t have many options when looking for a good scare: either you waited for Halloween or snuck into an R rated film. Nowadays, kids aren’t even safe on web pages intended for children.

Blacksheep: the Mortifying Siblings of 7 Famous People

There’s one in every family. However, having a brother or sister who is an embarrassment is magnified a hundredfold when you’re famous. Here are 6 examples

Three Bizarre (And Failed) Coups

Power struggles often develop into flat out coup attempts. When successful, they can very well shift the course of history with a simple change of who is in

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One of the best things about watching a movie is that it allows us to suspend our disbelief and to encounter weird and bizarre characters that we’re unlikely

6 Unabashed Weirdoes on TV

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6 Ways You Can Enhance The Appearance Of Your Pool

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