5 People Who Got Rich From Garbage

Every year, more than two billion tons of garbage are dumped on a global level, and each person throws away approximately four pounds of trash per day. Even though the enormous amounts of waste are harmful to the people and the environment, some individuals have managed to see all that garbage as an opportunity to make a huge fortune. Check out some clever people who made a fortune from garbage.

Interior Decoration – Indoor Plants

Decorating your own home just the way you like it to be is probably one of the most interesting and...

7 Horror Movies Based on Even More Terrifying Events From Real Life

Most good horror movies can give us a real adrenaline rush, and there are some that are so scary, they can even make us want to sleep with the lights on. We can cope with the twisted and uneasy world of horror flicks by reassuring ourselves that all of the stories are fictional and that those horrible events never really happened. But, have you ever considered that some of your favorite horror mov

These Are the Most Terrifying Things Kids Have Ever Said

Kids say the darnedest things, but sometimes they say the damnedest things, too. Here's a collection of bizarre and unnerving (and sometimes funny) things kids have said to their parents.

These 12 Life Hacks Show You What It’s Like to Live Poor but Happy

Times are tight, so you need to get creative. Maybe you can't afford a new appliance or piece of furniture. Perhaps you need just a little extra cash to meet the rent. But whatever your needs are, the best solutions are often the easiest (and most hilarious).

The Strange Redesign of the Barbie Doll

Starting in 2015, toy company Mattel began the process of updating the iconic Barbie line to better line-up with a more diverse demographic. It began with new skin tons and elasticities for the doll, and in 2016 they responded to criticisms of unrealistic proportions by adding new body types.

10 Odd and Surprising Ways Junk Food Will Help Around the House

Junk food will ruin you, but that doesn't mean it's all bad: it all comes down to how you use it. If you try hard enough you can find alternative uses for everything, including food. These ten examples are only a small sampling of what you can do with unhealthy food (besides eating it).

11 of the Dumbest Hoaxes From 2015

It's amazing that anyone fell for these stupid hoaxes last year. #9 was so obvious. How did news sites get so easily tricked?

13 Everyday Items You’ve Been Using Completely Wrong

When it comes to most of the products you’ve got laying around the house, they seem pretty straightforward and simple to use. Even if there aren’t basic instructions printed on the back, most of the things you use on a daily basis are so self-explanatory that you feel comfortable skipping those instructions anyway. Unfortunately for you, it turns out that maybe you should have paid a little more a

5 Most Unique and Unusual Islands on World

For most of us islands hold a certain mystique. It could be their seclusion that entices us, or the perceived difficulty of reaching them. Others are relatively untouched and represent a a world lost in the modern age. For these reasons and many more, islands can be deeply fascinating. Here are some of the most unique examples.